ⓘ Dangerous for Your Life!. Tatyana Kravchenko Tamara Nina Maslova Lady with the Dog Boryslav Brondukov Andrey Pavlovich Peredelkin Vera Ivleva barmaid Georgy Vit ..

Dangerous for Your Life!

ⓘ Dangerous for Your Life!

  • Tatyana Kravchenko Tamara
  • Nina Maslova Lady with the Dog
  • Boryslav Brondukov Andrey Pavlovich Peredelkin
  • Vera Ivleva barmaid
  • Georgy Vitsin Alexander Chokolov
  • Mihail Kokshenov lieutenant Rokotov
  • Sergey Filippov gentle visitor
  • Nina Grebeshkova Zinaida Petrovna
  • Tamaz Toloraya Vano Kipiani
  • Vladimir Nosik Maxim Dmitriev
  • Larisa Udovichenko Katerina Ivanovna
  • Leonid Kuravlev Spartak Ivanovich Molodtsov

1. Plot

Spartak Molodtsov Leonid Kuravlev is a man who can not leave well enough alone. Because of this he always gets into trouble. So one morning he finds a broken high tension wire and is late for work which nearly derails the reception of visitors because his new bureaucrat-chief Borislav Brondukov is afraid to make decisions without him.

Molodtsov at his post meets an alcoholic of the name of Chokolov Georgy Vitsin and Tamara – a female van driver who transports ice cream Tatyana Kravchenko. A visitor of the facility, Comrade Kipiani Tamaz Toloraya, eventually finds him there, on his post, near the wire. The finale of the film is fairly unexpected.


2. Production

The movie was filmed in the cities of Chernivtsi and Kamianets-Podilskyi. The institution in which the main character worked was the Chernivtsi regional council building. Other filming locations in Chernivtsi include the tower in Central Square, Chernivtsi City Hall, Theater Square and University Street.

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