ⓘ The Basement Collection is a compilation of Edmund McMillens Flash games released on August 31, 2012. The games were remade with added features and music tracks ..

The Basement Collection

ⓘ The Basement Collection

The Basement Collection is a compilation of Edmund McMillens Flash games released on August 31, 2012. The games were remade with added features and music tracks.


1. Content

The games in the collection include:

  • Time Fcuk 2009, a dark puzzle game
  • Meat Boy 2008, a Super Meat Boy predecessor
  • Spewer 2009, a liquid physics platform game
  • Grey-Matter 2008, an anti-shooter game
  • Aether 2008, a space adventure game
  • Coil 2008, an experimental game
  • Triachnid 2006, a physics spider simulation game

Unlockable content includes:

  • Thicker Than Water, a 65-page virtual comic about Edmund McMillens childhood unlocked by completing Spewer
  • AVGM 2009, an experimental "Abusive Video Game Manipulation" joke mini-game unlocked by completing Coil
  • The Box, scans of Edmund McMillens art at 3–5 years-old that were found in a box kept by his grandmother unlocked by completing Aether
  • Meat Boy map pack 2008, the Meat Boy game with different maps unlocked by completing Meat Boy
  • The Chest, eight years of drawings from Edmund McMillens sketchbooks unlocked by completing Time Fcuk
  • The Lonely Hermit 2001, a childs story unlocked by completing Triachnid

Additionally, under steamapps/common/basement/moregames, four other games can be found:

  • Carious Weltling 2 2005
  • Carious Weltling 2003
  • Clubby the seal 2004, a side-scrolling action game
  • Dumpling 2005

Most of the content was previously published at Newgrounds:

  • AVGM 2009
  • Aether 2008
  • Time Fcuk 2009
  • Grey-Matter 2008
  • The Lonely Hermit 2001
  • Tri-achnid 2006
  • Meat Boy 2008
  • Coil 2008
  • Meat boy map pack 2008
  • Spewer 2009
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