ⓘ Norlin Quadrangle Historic District. The Norlin Quadrangle Historic District comprises the core of the main campus of the University of Colorado campus in Bould ..

Norlin Quadrangle Historic District

ⓘ Norlin Quadrangle Historic District

The Norlin Quadrangle Historic District comprises the core of the main campus of the University of Colorado campus in Boulder, Colorado. The twelve buildings were designed to reflect a variety of architectural styles. The quadrangle was named after University of Colorado president George Norlin. Buildings on the quadrangle include the Norlin Library, Woodbury Arts and Sciences Building, Old Main, the Hale Science Building, University Theater, Macky Concert Hall and the Womens Studies Cottage.


1. Design

According to its 1979 NRHP nomination, there are four types of buildings in the district: pioneer Victorian brick buildings including the Old Main building; stone buildings with Gothic or Romanesque Revival stylings; two light brick European ones; and the "Rural Italian Renaissance buildings" designed by Charles Klauder. The quadrangle occupies much of the land that was donated by Boulder residents for the university in 1872.

Klauders initial plans were developed in 1919, proposing the demolition of most of the older buildings in the area. The universitys rapid growth discouraged the removal of buildings, and the quadrangles design evolved to accommodate them. In addition to the landscape design and exterior architectural character of the district, the interiors of the component buildings show a notable attention to detail.


2. Major components

The chief contributing buildings in the district are:

  • Norlin Library 1939, Charles Z. Klauder, architect
  • Guggenheim Geography Building 1902
  • Hellems Arts and Sciences Building 1921, Klauder
  • Koenig Aumni Center 1885, Varian
  • Macky Auditorium 1902-1922, Gove and Walsh, architects
  • McKenna Languages Building 1937, Klauder
  • University Theater 1921, Klauder
  • Hale Science Building 1892-1895
  • Cottage Number 1 1885
  • Ekeley Chemical Laboratories 1898, 1925, 1973, Ernest Varian original structure, Klauder 1925
  • Woodbury Arts and Sciences Building 1890, F.A. Hale, architect
  • Old Main 1876, E.H. Dimick, architect

Norlin Quadrangle was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in March 27, 1980.

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