ⓘ XS International. Founded in 1990 and recognized by Gartner, XSi helps companies deploy a hybrid hardware support model to save important hardware operating exp ..

XS International

ⓘ XS International

Founded in 1990 and recognized by Gartner, XSi helps companies deploy a hybrid hardware support model to save important hardware operating expense budget dollars. As an Independent Hardware Support Provider, XSi provides hardware support options for networking hardware, servers and data storage assets. In addition to servicing enterprise accounts, it also supports Systems Integrators and federal agencies.


1. Hardware Infrastructure & Lifecycle Support for Networking, Servers & Data Storage

  • IT Asset Disposition ITAD within LATAM
  • Independent Networking & Data Center Hardware Maintenance
  • Hardware Support Program Enhancements for Federal Systems Integrators
  • XSis Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance
  • Government IT Solutions for EoL End of Life and EoS End of Support Hardware
  • Independent Hardware Maintenance or Third Party Maintenance
  • XSi SmartHands & IMAC

XSi is known for discovering IT cost containment potential within clients’ IT infrastructure and hardware maintenance support models. Then, delivering customized solutions as required by each clients specific hardware environment.

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