ⓘ Dreaming of Space. The end of the 1950s. Sputnik 1 has already been launched, but there has not yet been a cosmonaut in space. The films heroes live in a port c ..

Dreaming of Space

ⓘ Dreaming of Space

The end of the 1950s. Sputnik 1 has already been launched, but there has not yet been a cosmonaut in space. The films heroes live in a port city on the Kola Peninsula, near the border with Norway.

Victor Konkov, nicknamed "Konyok" Yevgeny Mironov, has always wanted to become someone who can benefit humanity. He worked as a cook, loved a waitress and rode around the city on a bicycle, but at the same time he firmly believed in the great future - for him and the society.

Soon in his languid existence a mysterious man with an alien and mysterious name Herman Eugene Tsyganov appears. To somehow explain his strange behavior, Herman tells Konyok that across the country there is a secret selection of special people who will be later collected in Kostanay and sent into space. On one occasion Herman with delicate kisses seduces Konyoks woman - Lara Irina Pegova. Konyok is not disheartened for long and switches to her sister Rimma Elena Liadova. Soon Herman disappears in the Barents Sea, while trying to catch up with a Norwegian mother ship.

After that, Konyok decides to enter the institute to become a diplomat and goes with Rimma to Moscow. On the way in the train car he meets a smiling and shy young officer, Yuri. In the finale of the film it turns out that it was the future first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. During the grand welcome of Gagarin in Moscow, the awkward Konkov runs up to the car and hands a bouquet to the cosmonaut.


1. Cast

  • Elena Galibina as Waitress
  • Yevgeny Mironov as Victor Konyok Konkov
  • Elena Lyadova as Rimma
  • Mariya Kuznetsova as Victors Mother
  • Dmitriy Mulyar as Yuri
  • Igor Shibanov as Efim
  • Sergei Kachanov as Kirych
  • Yevgeny Tsyganov as Gherman
  • Irina Pegova as Lara

2. Awards

Dreaming of Space won the Golden George at the 27th Moscow International Film Festival.

At the Golden Eagle Awards, the film received the awards for Best Director Uchitel and Best Script Mindadze. Mironov got the award for Best Actor and Klimenko for Best Cinematography at the Nika Awards.

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