ⓘ Sangram, 2005 film. Sangram is a 2005 Bengali thriller film directed by Haranath Chakraborty and produced by Mukul Sarkar. The film features actors Jisshu Sengu ..

Sangram (2005 film)

ⓘ Sangram (2005 film)

Sangram is a 2005 Bengali thriller film directed by Haranath Chakraborty and produced by Mukul Sarkar. The film features actors Jisshu Sengupta, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Ranjit Mallick in the lead roles. Ashok Bhadra composed the music for the film. The film was a box office hit.


1. Plot

The story of the film is set in a village named Shimulpur village. Satyaprakash, a popular schoolmaster in the village teaching in the Shimulpur High School, is an honorable person in the village. An election campaign was held at the school, Raghav Choudhury and Mohan Roy being the two opponent candidates. Out of them, Mohan was an honest man and wanted to win the elections by maintaining peace and order in the society. But, Raghav takes the other trail and starts troubling the local villagers. Satyaprakash cant tolerate this and so, he protests against this, by advising the villagers to boycott the elections. Raghav tried to shut the mouth of Satyaprakash and put an end to his activities by bribing him but he failed. Ultimately, seeing no other way, Raghav kills Satyaprakash. Satyaprakash had two children. His elder son was Karna and younger son was Somu. Karna knew his fathers murderer, but society forced HIM not to do anything to him and leave the village. He got shelter in a Colonels house and is brought up there. As he grows, he makes the plans to take revenge on Raghav Choudhury. Meanwhile, Raghav Choudhury became a don of the village and started doing many illegal activities along his brother Rajesh Choudhury and his friends. On the other hand, during these years, Mohan Roy had paid for Somus studies. Somu, who had gone abroad to complete his higher education, returned to the village. He and Mohans daughter, Anjali, were in love with each other. Later, when Mohan Roy protested against Raghav, he got him murdered too by Rajesh. In the meantime, Karna returns and with the active support of the Colonel, he killed Raghav and his whole gang, thereby fulfilling his revenge. The film ends as finally the Colonel and Karna surrender themselves to the police.


2. Cast

  • Deepankar De as Raghav Chowdhury
  • Ranjit Mallick as Colonel Vikram Sinha
  • Aparajita Mohanty as Mitali Roy
  • Dulal Lahiri as Mohon Roy
  • Pradip Mukherjee as Satyaprakash Ghosh
  • Jisshu Sengupta as Somu Ghosh
  • Soumili Biswas as Anjali Roy
  • Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Inspector Biswadeb Rai
  • Prosenjit Chatterjee as Karna Ghosh
  • Arunima Ghosh as Sumedha Catterjee
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