ⓘ Advantage Business Media. Advantage Business Marketing was a private, American digital marketing and information services company owned by the venture capital f ..

Advantage Business Media

ⓘ Advantage Business Media

Advantage Business Marketing was a private, American digital marketing and information services company owned by the venture capital firm Owner Resource Group. The company was founded in 2006 and was based in Rockaway, New Jersey.


1. Business model

In the period between 2006 and 2014, the company transitioned from print-centric to digital media, increasing digital revenues from 11% to 50% of total revenues. The companys growth during this period has come from both "organic" growth and strategic acquisitions.

In 2018, the organization transitioned fully from a digital media organization to a digital marketing organization, following market trends. As such, the company changed its name from Advantage Business Media to Advantage Business Marketing, updated its logo, and began the overhaul of its digital websites and assets.

The organization offered digital marketing services including inbound marketing, branding, automation services, CRM integration, and data management.


2. History

In 2006, Rich Reiff and George Fox purchased several publications from Reed Business Information with the backing of private equity provided by Catalyst Investors. Catalyst sold ABM to Owner Resource Group in 2014.

In 2011, ABM acquired Continuity Insights and Vicon Publishing; this was followed in 2013 by acquisition of eMedia Vitals. Vicon Publishing was renamed by ABM to Vicon Business Media and instantiated as a subsidiary organization. Vicon operates out of New Hampshire, United States.

In 2014, Lonergan was brought in by investment firm ORG Owners Resource Group.

In 2018, Cummings was brought in as CEO to help undertake the rebranding from Advantage Business Media to Advantage Business Marketing.

In 2019, Cummings held a staff meeting on June 11, where he told all employees that the company was filing for bankruptcy and closing effective immediately. Staff had until end of day to vacate the premises.


3. Titles published by ABM

As of 2017, ABM published 23 titles.

Publication titles and ISO 4 abbreviations are listed

  • DFI News Digital Forensic Investigator DFI News Digit. Forensic Investig., no longer published
  • Controlled Environments Magazine Control. Environ. Mag.
  • Product Design & Development Prod. Des. Dev.
  • Manufacturing Business Technology Manuf. Bus. Technol.
  • Chem.Info Chem.Info
  • Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations Ind. Maintenance Plant Oper.
  • ALN Magazine ALN Mag.
  • ALN World ALN World, no longer published
  • R&D Magazine R&D Mag.
  • Food Manufacturing Food Manuf.
  • Laboratory Equipment Lab. Equip.
  • Wireless Design & Development Wirel. Des. Dev.
  • CED CED, formerly Communications, Engineering & Design
  • Wireless Week Wirel. Week
  • Medical Design Technology Med. Des. Technol.
  • Continuity Insights Cont. Ins., no longer an ABM brand
  • Surgical Products Surg. Prod.
  • Forensic Magazine Forensic Mag.
  • Electronic Component News Electron. Compon. News aka ECN
  • Chromatography Techniques Chromatogr. Tech., no longer an ABM brand
  • Laboratory Design Lab. Des.
  • Bioscience Technology Biosci. Technol.
  • Industrial Distribution Ind. Distribution
  • Scientific Computing Sci. Comput.
  • Drug Discovery & Development Drug Discov. Dev. aka DDD Mag.
  • Manuf. Net.
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Pharm. Process.

  • In business a competitive advantage is the attribute that allows an organization to outperform its competitors. A competitive advantage may include access
  • Manufacturing Business Technology ISSN 1554 - 3404 is a website owned by Advantage Business Media The site serves the information needs of information
  • Forensic Magazine is a business - to - business magazine published by Advantage Business Media The editorial offices of the magazine are in Rockaway, New
  • Media management is seen as a business administration discipline that identifies and describes strategic and operational phenomena and problems in the
  • Industrial Distribution is a website owned by Advantage Business Media The site provides, news, feature, video, and product content geared toward distributors
  • resource and information advantages over smaller businesses The United Kingdom government, for example, created the post of Small Business Commissioner under
  • ceased publication July 28, 1940 Advantage The Nashville Business Magazine monthly, 1978 1989, published by Advantage Inc. Aluminum Magazine monthly
  • Electronic media is media that uses electromechanical device to access the content Broadcast or storage media that take advantage of electronic technology
  • In economics, the principle of absolute advantage refers to the ability of a party an individual, or firm, or country to produce a greater quantity

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