ⓘ From Dawn Till Sunset is 1975 Soviet drama film directed by Gavriil Egiazarov. Big screen. A cinematic tale about collective farm mechanic, became acutely aware ..

From Dawn Till Sunset

ⓘ From Dawn Till Sunset

From Dawn Till Sunset is 1975 Soviet drama film directed by Gavriil Egiazarov.

Big screen. A cinematic tale about collective farm mechanic, became acutely aware of its responsibility for everything that happens around. From dawn to dusk.


1. Plot

Ordinary village house where an old Russian oven peacefully coexists with a gas stove. On the walls of honor, pennant drummer communist labor, photos. Here lives the zernotok operator one of the Ural collective farms Fyodor Roznov. Now here comes Rozhnov in-law, who had just returned, as they say, from places not so remote. He got there because of his wifes eldest Rozhnovs daughter Nadya. Jealous of it to one person, gave vent to his hands, well.

Nadezhda is not home she lives in the city and found there seemed to be their happiness, and the yard runs her six-year-old son Sergei. In-law and father in law to be a difficult conversation.

And in the morning at Rozhnov care: Harvest, he is the chief inspector of grain on the farm, and on its efficiency depends on the fate of the crop. And the other cares suffice.

Man Fyodor ordinary, nothing outstanding, but for some reason people are drawn to him, go to share their joys and sorrows. Fedor never raise voices, and his word in the family - the law. There is in him kindness, and wisdom, and understanding of anothers bedy. Job Fyodor Vasilyevich bustling, from it depends largely on the harvest, and then it will shut off the electricity, the machine is not enough.

Suddenly, the driver suddenly Valentinas reports on all the current that television broadcast a program about Fedor: the announcer said that the meeting of the veterans of his regiment. And wash over him memories of the distant days of the war.

On a dusty dirt road is a column of girls. Along the edges of the column Nazi machine gunners. Girls waiting bondage, slave labor in Germany. In the bushes are our three gunmen. Unequal power, the Nazis several times more. But suddenly one girl out of the crowd and goes back to his village. There is a beautiful, slim with his head held high. Halt! - and after a girl beat gunfire.

A moment later, a shot rang out from the bushes, and Roznov teammates rush to the rescue. And remembered that terrible battle, when the roof caved in their position of German tanks and infantry. Commander was killed in the battle and Bagir that covered their retreat to the last bullet. It was he, Bagheera, shall Fyodors life.


2. Cast

  • Natalya Andrejchenko as Valya, girl in restaurant
  • Boris Ivanov as Savely, a singer in a restaurant
  • Andrey Vertogradov as Anatoly, Nadya Rozhnovas Groom
  • Valentina Berezutskaya as Makarikha
  • Georgi Georgiou as Georgii Alexandrovich, headwaiter
  • Zhanna Prokhorenko as Nadya, eldest daughter Feodor Vasilevich Roznov
  • Valentina Ananina as Roznovs fellow soldiers
  • Boris Tokarev as Motya Zakharov
  • Roman Romuald Vildan as episode
  • Yevgeny Shutov as Ivanovich
  • Lyubov Sokolova as Pelagia Ivanovna Rozhnova, Fyodor Roznovs wife
  • Yevgenia Sabelnikova as Valya
  • Igor Ledogorov as General Stukovsky
  • Nikolai Pastukhov as Fyodor Vasilevich Roznov
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