ⓘ The Girl Without an Address is a 1957 Soviet romantic comedy film directed by Eldar Ryazanov, and written by Leonid Lench. It stars Svetlana Karpinskaya and Nik ..

The Girl Without an Address

ⓘ The Girl Without an Address

The Girl Without an Address) is a 1957 Soviet romantic comedy film directed by Eldar Ryazanov, and written by Leonid Lench. It stars Svetlana Karpinskaya and Nikolai Rybnikov.


1. Plot

Young builder Pasha Gusarov met on the train a woman with a quarrelsome nature - Katya Ivanova. At the beginning of the trip of their relationship does not develop, but by the end of the road they decide not to leave. Nevertheless, the fate makes its own adjustments. Coming out of the train car in different doors, they did not meet at the station. The only thing that Pasha learned from Katie, leave by bus from it - the beginning of the address.


2. Cast

  • Sergey Filippov as Komarinsky
  • Svetlana Karpinskaya as Katya Ivanova
  • Rina Zelyonaya as Yelizaveta Timofeyevna
  • Yuri Belov as Mitya
  • Georgi Tusuzov as Feoktistych
  • Pavel Tarasov as Commandant
  • Vasili Toporkov as Cloakroom attendant
  • Erast Garin as Grandfather
  • Georgiy Georgiu as Tenant
  • Mikhail Garkavi as Actor stuck in the elevator
  • Lidiya Korolyova as Yekaterina Ivanova
  • Irina Gubanova as Neighbour
  • Irina Murzaeva as Conductor
  • Svetlana Kharitonova as Klava
  • Olga Aroseva as Neighbour
  • Svetlana Shcherbak as Olya
  • Valentina Ananina as Secretary
  • Zoya Fyodorova as Komarinskaya
  • Nikolai Rybnikov as Pashka Gusarov
  • Marina Figner as Fashion Designer
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