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ⓘ People by political orientation

  • South - up map orientation is the orientation of a map with south up, or at the top of the map, amounting to a 180 - degree rotation of the map from the standard
  • Civil and Political Rights states that laws against homosexuality are a violation of human rights. After that, in September 1995, sexual orientation became
  • Sexual orientation discrimination also often referred to as sexualism is discrimination based on sexual orientation and or sexual behaviour. Sexual orientation
  • The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid KSOG developed by Fritz Klein attempts to measure sexual orientation by expanding upon the earlier Kinsey scale. Klein
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity in the Australian military are no longer considered relevant considerations in the 21st century, with the Australian
  • GLBT rights, regardless of political party or candidate s sexual orientation In 1977 it was known as the Texas Gay Political Caucus. From 1980 to 1985
  • Political theatre is theatre that comments on political and social issues. In the history of theatre, there is long tradition of performances addressing
  • The Sex Orientation Scale SOS was Harry Benjamin s attempt to classify and understand various forms and subtypes of transvestism and transsexualism
  • guide to politics and political science: Politics the exercise of power process by which groups of people make collective decisions. Politics is the
  • Political psychology is an interdisciplinary academic field dedicated to understanding politics politicians and political behavior from a psychological
  • should change his her sexual homosexual orientation and describes attempts to change a person s sexual orientation by practitioners as unethical. It also

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