ⓘ Kharkiv State School of Art. The Kharkiv State School of Art is an educational institution in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It accepts a new class of students each year for ..


ⓘ Kharkiv State School of Art

The Kharkiv State School of Art is an educational institution in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It accepts a new class of students each year for instruction in the subjects of visual arts education, sculpture, decorative arts, graphic design, and landscape architecture.


1. History

The Kharkiv Art School was formally established in 1896 by the Kharkiv city government, based on the previous private art school of Maria Raevskaia-Ivanova. In 1912, the school reopened in a new specially-designed building by architect K. Zhukov in the modernist style with contemporary influences from older Ukrainian buildings. The first director of the new school was Alexander Lubimov, a student of Ilya Repin. The teachers were also alumni of Repins workshop at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg.

In 1913, the school was managed by Semyon Prokhorov, formerly head of the Art School in Tomsk, Russia. In 1914, Gavriil Gorelov became its principal, followed by Aleksey Kokel in 1916. A faculty of architecture was added 1925.


2. Famous educators

  • Aleksey Kokel - taught 1916-1921
  • Volodymyr Starikov - taught 1982-2010
  • Sergey Besedin - studied 1923-1929, taught 1929-1941
  • Leonid Andrievskyi - taught 1938-1941, 1945-1947

3. Famous graduates

  • Natalia Verhun - 1953-1958
  • Sergey Kamennoy - 1974-1978
  • Aleksandr Deyneka - 1915-1917
  • Hryhoriy Matsehora - graduated 1957
  • Leonid Chernov - graduated 1941
  • painting in Ukraine Odessa, Kiev, Lviv and Kharkiv Transcarpathian regional school of painting is one of the unique and just for specialists with higher
  • studied at Kharkiv National Medical University from 1941 to 1942, at Tashkent Medical Institute till 1943, then in the Kharkiv infantry mortar school as a Second
  • Michalina nee Proszynska in Belgorod now Pechenihy, Kharkiv oblast, Ukraine near the city of Kharkiv where his father s regiment was stationed. The family
  • parish school where he first displayed a talent for art His abilities were noticed by a local nobleman, who helped him to finance studies at the State Ceramics
  • culture and art the chair of choral conducting. During 1990s years Elena Sheynina taught music in different secondary schools in Kharkiv Since 1998
  • panorama depicting the Siege of Perekop. After 1936, he worked at the art institute in Kharkiv Among the thousands of book illustrations he produced
  • Republic - 4, February, 1956, Kharkiv Ukraine was a Chuvash and Soviet Ukrainian painter. It awakened early childhood love of the fine arts. He painted
  • 1978 1987 he was a student and junior research worker in O.M. Gorky Kharkiv State University, Senior geophysical worker, sector manager in Tyumen Special
  • Association of Revolutionary Art of Ukraine. At the time, he already performed a number of high - profile monumental works, and formed a school of monumental
  • was awarded the title of Artist Third - Class The following year, he married and moved to Kharkiv where he worked for the Kharkiv Land Bank. In 1875
  • was born and lives in Kharkiv Ukraine. Born to a family of violinists the choice to be a violinist was obvious. At the age of five Valentin took up the

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