ⓘ The Garden of Desires. The film is set during the last summer before the Great Patriotic War. Three sisters are coming to stay with their grandmother in the vil ..

The Garden of Desires

ⓘ The Garden of Desires

The film is set during the last summer before the Great Patriotic War. Three sisters are coming to stay with their grandmother in the village. They imagine the world as a vast and charming garden of desires and all members of the household are waiting for Asyas birthday. Asya has a sense of foreboding regarding the impending grief. Guests come to visit but none of them are her parents. She still does not know that her father was declared an enemy of the people, that tomorrow she will not see her mother and that the war is approaching.


1. Cast

  • Pyotr Kolbasin as Ivan, uncle Asyas
  • Mikhail Brylkin as grandfather
  • Lev Prygunov as Kirill, father Tomkas and Leras
  • Kira Muratova as witch
  • Marianna Velizheva as Asya
  • Galina Makarova as grandma
  • Irina Shustaeva as Valeria, big sister
  • Svetlana Tormakhova as mother Asyas
  • Olga Zarkhina as Tomka, younger sister
  • Aleksandr Feklistov as Pavel

2. Criticism

Sergey Kudryavtsev

Against the background of these frightening details that break into the bright world of girls dreams and violate its natural harmony, the feeling of happiness, the joy of being, of some golden age of the socialist empire, is incomprehensibly dominating.

Alexander Fyodorov

Young performers played not at all simple roles emotionally, uninhibitedly, without professional templates. Each of the sisters has his own character, temperament, a look at the world.

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