ⓘ Fender Lizards is a novel written by American author Joe R. Lansdale. It tells the story of 17 year old Dorothy Dot Sherman growing up in East Texas. ..

Fender Lizards

ⓘ Fender Lizards

Fender Lizards is a novel written by American author Joe R. Lansdale. It tells the story of 17 year old Dorothy "Dot" Sherman growing up in East Texas.


1. Plot synopsis

17-year-old Dot Sherman is growing up in a small town in East Texas, living in a double wide trailer with her mother, grandmother, and little brother. When she was 12 her father went to get a pack of cigarettes and never returned. Dot works at the local "Dairy Bob" named after Bob the owner. All the girls serve their customers on roller skates and have nicknamed themselves "Fender Lizards". The story is told from Dots narrative point of view.

One day Dots uncle Elbert shows up and parks his van in her front yard and Dot is eager for information about her absentee father. Elbert claims to have just been released from prison for a botched bank robbery. One day Dots older sister Raylynn shows up for work at the Dairy Bob with bruises and black eyes. Dot goes and fetches Raylynns kids and returns to her sisters trailer. She hides and waits for Raylynns husband to come home drunk and then beats him senseless with a couple of 2 by 4s. Raylynn and her kids then move into the already crowded trailer. One day notices go up that a circus is coming to town featuring a womens Roller Derby team. Dot and the other Fender Lizards decide to train to take on the roller derby team coming to town with a prize of $10.000 for any team that beats them. Elbert used to roller skate as a circus clown and agrees to train the girls.


2. Editions

This book was published by Subterranean Press as both hardcover and limited editions. Both editions have sold out from the publisher. It is still available as an e-book.

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