ⓘ Hamlet, 1959 film. Hamlet is a 1959 Australian TV play starring William Job and produced by Royston Morley. It was one of two notable productions of Shakespeare ..

Hamlet (1959 film)

ⓘ Hamlet (1959 film)

Hamlet is a 1959 Australian TV play starring William Job and produced by Royston Morley.

It was one of two notable productions of Shakespeare transmitted by ABC, the other being Anthony and Cleopatra. Australian TV drama was relatively rare at the time.


1. Cast

  • John Hurrell as Lucianus
  • Gordon Glenwright as Gravedigger
  • Charles McCallum as Priest
  • Henry Gilbert as the King,
  • Gordon Glenwright as the gravedigger
  • Dennis Carroll as Player Queen
  • Grahame Webb as Francisco
  • Tony Arpino as Norwegian Captain
  • Delia William as Ophelia
  • Graham Webb as attendant
  • David Bryant as attendant
  • Geoffrey King as Polonius
  • Ria Sohier as attendant
  • Geoffrey Hill as Fortinbras
  • Douglas Hayes as Gravedigger
  • Lou Vernon as the Player King
  • James Elliott as Guildenstern
  • John Hurrell as Osric
  • Evelyn Kopfer as attendant
  • Charles McCallum as Voltemand
  • Maurice Travers as Rosencrantz
  • Georgie Sterling as the Queen,
  • James Lynch as Bernado
  • John Brock as attendant
  • Owen Weingott as Laertes,
  • Anne Kelly as attendant
  • Frank Taylor as Horatio
  • Vaughan Tracey as Marcellus
  • Gary Deacon as attendant
  • Kevin Williams as attendant
  • William Job as Hamlet,
  • John Fegan as Ghost

2. Reception

The production was well received.

A critic from the Sydney Morning Herald said that it "proved that Shakespeare can be successfully translated to television" with Morleys direction responsible for "much of the credit. he kept the field of action small, relying on _closeups to intensify the drama. I also thought that William Jobs portrayal of the young and tragic Dane was outstanding."

The Bulletin thought the tragedy of the play "shrank to middle-class size; Hamlet was a G.P.S. boy angry and hurt by what had been going on at home during term" but felt "the production was sound enough - even, in places, admirable."

It was repeated in 1964.

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