ⓘ Godless, TV series. Godless is an American Western drama web television miniseries created by Scott Frank for Netflix. The seven-episode series began production ..

Godless (TV series)

ⓘ Godless (TV series)

Godless is an American Western drama web television miniseries created by Scott Frank for Netflix. The seven-episode series began production in Santa Fe, New Mexico in September 2016, and was released on Netflix globally on November 22, 2017. The series received positive reviews, and was named one of the years 10 best by The Washington Post and Vanity Fair.


1.1. Cast Main

  • Kim Coates as Ed Logan, an arrogant and abrasive company man who comes into La Belle.
  • Michelle Dockery as Alice Fletcher, an independent and aloof widow managing a small ranch with her mother-in-law and adolescent son.
  • Sam Waterston as Marshal John Cook, the law in Santa Fe who is on the hunt for Griffin three episodes.
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Whitey Winn, the town deputy who is devoted to the town and the sheriff and afraid of no one.
  • Scoot McNairy as Bill McNue, the sheriff of La Belle and brother of Mary Agnes.
  • Tantoo Cardinal as Iyovi, Alices Paiute mother-in-law.
  • Jack OConnell as Roy Goode, an injured outlaw on the run from his former boss, Frank Griffin. He was orphaned at a young age and was taken in by Griffin. He ultimately breaks up a robbery and takes off with the loot, splitting from his father figure after he no longer can stomach Griffins behavior.
  • Merritt Wever as Mary Agnes McNue, the determined, pragmatic and intrepid widow of the late mayor of La Belle, a town where almost all of the men have died in a mining accident, and sister of sheriff Bill McNue.
  • Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin, a menacing outlaw who is terrorizing the West as he hunts down Roy, his son-like partner turned mortal enemy.

1.2. Cast Recurring

  • Julian Grey as William McNue, Bills son.
  • Jessica Sula as Louise Hobbs, Whiteys love interest and a skilled violinist.
  • Christiane Seidel as Martha Bischoff, a mysterious German woman who raises some suspicion in La Belle.
  • Russell G. Jones as Hiram, one of the only surviving men of La Belle.
  • Adam David Thompson as Gatz Brown, Griffins righthand man.
  • Marceline Hugot as Lucy Cole, a nun who cares for Roy and his older brother when they were children.
  • Keith Jardine as Dyer Howe, a member of Griffins gang of outlaws who is especially useful with knives.
  • Randy Oglesby as Asa Leopold, one of the only surviving men of La Belle who runs the dry goods store.
  • Kayli Carter as Sadie Rose, a widow of La Belle.
  • Erik LaRay Harvey as Elias Hobbs, Louises father and a Civil War veteran.
  • Jeremy Bobb as A.T. Grigg, the editor of the Santa Fe Daily Review, who has been obsessed for years with writing about the Griffin Gang.
  • Nathan Darrow as Webster, a Pinkerton man searching for Martha.
  • Marie Wagenman as Trudy McNue, Bills daughter.
  • Samuel Marty as Truckee, Alices son.
  • Tess Frazer as Callie Dunne, a former prostitute, current teacher and lover of Mary Agnes McNue.
  • Justin Welborn as Floyd Wilson, a skillful tracker in Griffins gang of outlaws.
  • Matthew Dennis Louis as Donnie Devlin, murderous twin brother of Daryl in Griffins gang of outlaws.
  • Audrey Moore as Sarah Doyle, a randy woman in her thirties dying for a mans company.
  • Duane Howard as Shoshone Brave, a mysterious figure with a dog companion who is trailing Bill McNue.
  • Rob Morgan as John Randall, a Civil War veteran.
  • Samantha Soule as Charlotte Temple, a nervous and put-together woman always in her Sunday best.
  • Joe Pingue as Alonzo Bunker, a member of Griffins gang of outlaws.
  • Russell Dennis Louis as Daryl Devlin, murderous twin brother of Donnie in Griffins gang of outlaws.

1.3. Cast Guest

  • Whitney Able as Anna McNue, Bill McNues deceased wife, who died giving birth to their daughter.
  • Christopher Fitzgerald as J.J. Valentine, the smooth talking president of the Quicksilver Mining Company looking to take over the mine in La Belle.

2. Historical Accuracy

Frank says he was a child at the Mountain Meadows Massacre, which happened in 1857. But in the series it is said it was 1854. The series is set in 1884. So Frank should be 35 years old or less, but in the series he is clearly much older.


3. Reception

The series received positive reviews. Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 88% "fresh" rating and average rating of 7.86 out of 10, based on 66 reviews, with critics consensus, "Vistas and violence root Godless firmly in traditional Western territory, but its female-driven ensemble sets it apart in a male-dominated genre." On Metacritic, it has a score of 76 out of 100, based on 20 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews".

Alan Sepinwall from Uproxx reviewed it positively, saying, Godless doesn’t quite find that happy middle, but the storytelling excesses created by this format make it more fun than the traditional movie version probably would have been."

Vanity Fair and The Washington Post included Godless on their "best shows of 2017" lists.

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  • Dockery has also played lead roles on the drama series Good Behavior and the Netflix miniseries Godless for which she received her fourth Emmy nomination
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