ⓘ Hes a Dragon, also in English territories as I Am Dragon is a 2015 Russian 3D romantic fantasy adventure film written and directed by Indar Dzhendubaev and prod ..

Hes a Dragon

ⓘ Hes a Dragon

Hes a Dragon, also in English territories as I Am Dragon is a 2015 Russian 3D romantic fantasy adventure film written and directed by Indar Dzhendubaev and produced by Timur Bekmambetovs company Bazelevs, the main roles were played by the pairs Maria Poezzhaeva and Matvey Lykov. The film is loosely based on Marina and Sergey Dyachenkos fantasy novel The Ritual.

The action takes place in a fictional fantasy world, which is a stylistic fusion of Ancient Russia with Scandinavian, Celtic and Eastern traditions. The plot is about Princess Miroslava becoming kidnapped by a dragon and carried away into his castle on a remote island. Mira is forced to leave everything behind, including her relatives. Now she is held captive by a mysterious young man named Arman, and a Aye-aye, but she does not know who he is and what is he doing on the island.

Hes a Dragon was released in Russia by Bazelevs Film Company on December 3, 2015 in RealD 3D.


1. Plot

The Kievan Rus in European epics, the young Princess Miroslava Maria Poezzhaeva, called Mira is betrothed to Igor. Her father and sister, Yaroslava think shes immature because she still likes fairy tales and playing with toys. According to an ancient custom, Mira is placed on a boat deck in her wedding finery to be sent across the water to her future husband, Igor. As Igor pulls her boat toward him, his people sing an ancient wedding song.

In the middle of the wedding, a dragon captures Mira. She is held prisoner in a cave. Mira is captured, this is a Aye-aye and a mysterious guy. There, Mira meets a strange young man who cannot remember his name. Mira believes him another prisoner and calls him Arman Matvey Lykov. Soon, she discovers that Arman is the dragon who abducted her. He lives in human form, holding back the inner beast, but sometimes turns into a dragon against his will. As a dragon, Arman is unable to control himself.

Arman shows Mira the island and a place for her to create a home. He tells her that male dragons had long lived on the island. As a dragon boy he was allowed to choose whether to stay human or become a dragon. He chose to remain human until a dragon slayer killed his father. In his grief and rage, he becomes a dragon gaining the knowledge of all dragons who came before him. Realizing that dragons were truly monsters, Arman isolates himself on the island to prevent himself from killing humans. Sensing the impending transition to dragon form, he went into the cave where the dragon could not escape and remained there until reverting to human form. He accidentally abducted Mira because of the ritual song sung at the wedding because dragons were believed extinct. The song caught Arman off guard and he did not have time to hide in the cave.

Arman wants to live as a man and crush his inner dragon because he is afraid of harming Mira. Mira talks with Arman and teaches him to live as a human. As they get to know one another, Arman and Mira fall in love although Mira is still afraid of the dragon. The island is bewitched so that only those who are loved by someone on the island can find the way to it. Because Miras feelings toward Igor change as she falls in love with Arman, Igor searches futilely in a fog.

Miras fear of the dragon causes her to secretly prepare a boat in order to escape. Learning of her preparations, Arman despairs of ever being able to control the dragon and reveals to Mira what happened to the other dragon brides. Dragons brought the sacrificed girls to the island and burned them to death. From the ashes a new dragon boy was born. Arman orders Mira to leave so that she will avoid this fate. Without Mira, Arman does not know how to continue living.

Mira returns home. While preparing for her wedding with Igor, Mira realizes that she loves Arman and cannot live without him. While on the boat, Mira sings the ritual song to call the dragon. Arman hears the song as he is ending his life and changes into the dragon. He recaptures Mira and brings her to the island intending to burn her. Mira does not show fear to the dragon and confesses her love for him. This allows Arman to finally control himself as a dragon.

Years later, Mira and Arman live together on the island with their human daughter. Mira flies on her dragon-husband, he is no longer dangerous to her, and they live happily ever after.


2.1. Production Development

Hes a Dragon was the feature film directorial debut of Indar Dzhendubaev. To the post of director he was invited by Timur Bekmambetov, who acted as the main producer of the film. Filming took place in the Black Sea. According to the creators of the film, they have preserved much of the literary original, but at the same time brought new elements to the story. The film, 85% of which consisted of computer graphics, was drawn with the help of Russian computers. Posters for the film were created in a photo shoot by photo artist Uldus Bakhtiozina.


2.2. Production Filming

Principal photography took place at the beginning that August 2014 in Bulgaria is the main scenes were shot on the Black Sea coast and in the picturesque Prohodna cave.

Then the crew will go to the Black Sea coast, in the town of Sinemorets. The Bulgarian stage of filming will end on September 26, 2014, in December 2014 the remaining scenes will be shot in Moscow, Russia.

In the Moscow Pavilions, the initial scenes were completed: the abduction of the main character, flying a dragon, scenes in his den and the finale.


2.3. Production Post-production

The film’s special effects were worked by professionals from the CGF ru computer graphics studio, directed by Aleksandr Gorokhov, who had previously been involved in the production of such films.


3. Release

On November 24, 2015 in Moscow hosted the magnificent premiere on the stage of the Moscow cinema "October". The film was released in the Russian Federation by Bazelevs Film Company on December 3, 2015 and the world premiere of December 4, 2015. The film was released in the United States by 4Digital Media on 6 June 2017.


The first trailer was released in the United States on April 2017.


4. Reception

Box office

The film flopped at the Russian box office, collecting only $1.7 million 114 million rubles, and in view of rentals in other CIS countries – $1.8 million, which is significantly less than the films budget – $18 million. The film has grossed CN¥60.1 million at the Chinese box office.

Critical response

The film was met with mixed reviews. Such publications as, and Afisha, responded positively to the film. Others, in particular Mir Fantastiki, Weburg, The Hollywood Reporter, rated it as average. Rossiyskaya Gazetas review was strongly negative.

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