ⓘ Da Jammies is an American animated musical television series that first aired on August 31, 2016, and currently airs on Netflix created by Aulsondro Novelist Ha ..


ⓘ Da Jammies

Da Jammies is an American animated musical television series that first aired on August 31, 2016, and currently airs on Netflix created by Aulsondro "Novelist" Hamilton and William "Dolla" Chapman II. From Homelessness, to Bullying, to Self-Awareness, to Obesity, Da Jammies cover some of the issues that the kids of today face. The underlying premise of the show is "unity" and "doing it together". The series is filled with sing-along melodies with age-appropriate lyrics for the kids.

Da Jammies is executive-produced by Real Husbands of Hollywood Executive Producer Ralph Farquhar along with the creators Aulsondro "Novelist" Hamilton and William "Dolla" Chapman II. The series is directed by Emmy-nominated Tyree Dillihay and Ron Myrick and also features some of todays urban stars from Darius McCrary to Alisa Reyes, Dani Nicolet, Kurtis Blow, Buddy Lewis, Emcee N.I.C.E., William "Dolla" Chapman II aka D.B.I., Tiny Lister Jr., Kel Mitchell, James Avery. and more. the series features, vibrant, expressive 3D animation and also features groundbreaking music, choreography and fashion never before seen in an animated TV series.


1. Premise

Da Jammies centers around a group of kids that are friends who attend a performing arts school where they struggle to balance real-life issues with their dreams of making it as entertainers. The co-leader "Dolla" William "Dolla" Chapman II is known as the "quick tempered, rapping, dancer", who believes that Da Jammies do not practice enough and seems to have a short fuse with his bandmates. However that is all balanced out with the co-leader of the group "Novelist" Aulsondro "Novelist" Hamilton the "peace keeping, rapping best friend" who always have a solution for the crews success. The rest of the members of Da Jammies are "Momo" Alisa Reyes the "one with the universe" earthy poet with a bubbly personality, then theres "LaLa" Dani Nicolet the "Singing Diva" who believes in no one but herself that can sometimes be very rude and unapologetic without realizing it. Then there is "Seven" Anderson Johnson Jr. the "soulful crooner" that is alway trying to be helpful and has two loves in his life, "LaLa" and food.

Everyday Da Jammies take on issues that plagues the youth, from "Homelessness", to "Bullying", to "Self-Awareness", to "Obesity"and the real meaning of friends and more, the underlying premise of the show is "unity" and "doing it together" although their non-talented nemesis "The Battlebrats" whose leaders "Mike Fresh" Kel Mitchell and "Smalls" Shane Tsurugi are constantly seeking ways to out do "Da Jammies" and most time failing.


2.1. Cast and characters Secondary cast

  • Einny voiced by Shane Tsurugi

RESIDENT GENIUS Einny is not only the resident genius with an IQ of 300, he is the king of gadgets. He chose to forgo college and remain a kid, he told his mother and father he knows hes smart but that he wanted to grow up normal. He became friends with Da Jammies and started inventing things from rockets, to time traveling machine to space ships. You name it, and Einny can build it although it may have a few mechanical errors.

  • Principal Cransberry voiced by Darius McCrary

THE MUSICAL HAS BEEN Cransberry is an extremely short, money hungry, jealous principal that exploits the kids talents for his own profitable gain. Whether its taking a portion of all proceeds that Da Jammies and or others make while performing at the school to creating side hustles. Principal Cransberry was once an old school R&B singer that never made it past his first record. He knows the kids equal money, so he does everything he can to make a profit off of them.

  • Klondell voiced by Buddy Lewis

ALL WORLD SECURITY GUARD Klondell is like the resident uncle to the kids that attend school although he serves as a security guard for both the school and the local mall. Klondell believes the kids of the day are beyond stupid as they are stuck on gadgets and technology, he wants it like it use to be.


2.2. Cast and characters The Battlebrats

  • Mike Fresh voiced by Kel Mitchell

NON-TALENTED HOT HEAD Mike Fresh comes from an affluent family that allows him to much get whatever he wants. He wants to rap but he is not good at it and stays jealous of "Dolla", he does whatever he want to on a daily basis and a part of his everyday routine is coming up with ways to sabotage Dolla which includes "Da Jammies".

  • Smalls voiced by Shane Tsurugi

The Rapping Japanese Smalls, comes from an affluent family as well, that allows him to much get whatever he wants. He loves to rap and raps sometimes in Japanese and English. His dad is a well to do music executive that doesnt know his son is pretty amazing. Mike Fresh and Smalls are best friends that are constantly endangering themselves.


2.3. Cast and characters Additional characters

  • Big Daddy Candy Cane - Ulysses Braxton
  • Crazy Craze - James "JJ" Lewis
  • The Magician - Dorien Wilson
  • Shamus - Marcus T. Paulk
  • Covington - James Avery
  • Lady Lark - Rebecca Shoichet
  • Big Horace - Tommy Tiny Lister, Jr.
  • LaLas Mother - Rena Andrews
  • 8s Mother - Kym Whitley
  • Novelists Mother - Sophia Santi
  • Nurse Kelly - Riccarda Lacey
  • Little Horace - Jamal McCants
  • Irish/Jamaican/Pretty Girl - Malia Dawkins
  • Motor City J – Taylor Boggan
  • Love Man - Rodney Perry
  • Substitute Teacher - May Ali
  • Kurtis Flow - Kurtis Blow
  • Angelique - Kyla Pratt

3. Casting

Image Award winner Eileen Mack Knight was in charge of casting for Da Jammies ; her notable shows are The Proud Family, Just Jordan, The Bernie Mac Show, Martin, Wendy Wu and more.


4. Reception

Da Jammies received mixed but favorable reviews upon its debut. Forbes magazine called it "Fame" meets "Josie and The Pussycats". Soul Train deemed it a "First of its kind 3D animated series that combines hip-hop music, dance and fashion". The show received 3 out of 5 stars on Common Sense Media

As of 2016, Da Jammies is streaming in 14 countries on Netflix Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, UK and USA.

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  • written by Dean Budnick, which appeared in the program for the first annual Jammy Awards in 2000 Budnick co - created the show with Wetlands Preserve owner
  • Capital Steez, Beastie Boys, Slum Village, Diamond D, John Robinson, El Da Sensei, Sadat X, Count Bass D, Grand Agent, 9th Wonder, J - Live, Us3 and Moka
  • Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart at number 7. He collaborated with King Jammy on a dub album, Reality of Dub, which is set for release in early 2015.
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