ⓘ Farewell to St. Petersburg, film. Farewell to St. Petersburg Russian: Прощание с Петербургом, romanized: Proshchaniye s Peterburgom is a 1972 Soviet biopic film ..

Farewell to St. Petersburg (film)

ⓘ Farewell to St. Petersburg (film)

Farewell to St. Petersburg Russian: Прощание с Петербургом, romanized: Proshchaniye s Peterburgom is a 1972 Soviet biopic film directed by Yan Frid. The film is about the Austrian composer Johann Strausss stay in Russia, his concerts in Pavlovsk in the summer of 1857, and his love towards the Russian aristocrat Olga Smirnitskiy, to whom he dedicated several works.


1. Cast

  • Girt Yakovlev - Johann Strauss voiced by Aleksandr Demyanenko
  • Yelena Anderegg as Olga Nikolayevna as Ye. Anderegg
  • Tatiana Bedov - Olga Smirnitskaya, Russian aristocrat
  • Pavel Kashlakov as Nechayev
  • Tatyana Piletskaya - Natalia G. Smirnitskaya
  • Pavel Kadochnikov - Pavel Maksimov
  • Igor Dmitriev - Grand Duke
  • Sergey Karnovich-Valois - manager
  • Vasili Merkuryev - Leybrok
  • Viktoriya Gorshenina
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