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List of Formica species

A number of described species have been synonymized into other species as jr synonyms † Formica ungeri - Senior synonym to † Formica acuminata Heer, 1849, † Formica aemula Heer, 1867, † Formica kollari Heer, 1867, and † Formica oblita Heer, 1867 Formica forsslundi - Senior synonym to Formica brunneonitida Dlussky, 1964, Formica fossilabris Dlussky, 1965, and Formica nemoralis Dlussky, 1964 Formica pressilabris - Senior synonym to Formica rufomaculata Ruzsky, 1895 & Formica tamarae Dlussky, 1964 Formica ravida - Senior synonym to Formica haemorrhoidalis Creighton, 1940 and Formica rufa taho ...


List of Solenopsis species

Solenopsis insculpta Clark, 1938 Solenopsis bruesi Creighton, 1930 Solenopsis jacoti Wheeler, 1923 Solenopsis loretana Santschi, 1936 Solenopsis schilleri Santschi, 1923 Solenopsis johnsoni Pacheco, Mackay & Moreno-Gonzalez, 2013 Solenopsis major Forel, 1913 Solenopsis castor Forel, 1893 Solenopsis tipuna Forel, 1912 Solenopsis phoretica Davis & Deyrup, 2006 Solenopsis azteca Forel, 1893 Solenopsis striata Pacheco & Mackay, 2013 Solenopsis pusillignis Trager, 1991 Solenopsis dentata Collingwood & Kugler, 1994 Solenopsis soochowensis Wheeler, 1921 Solenopsis torresi Snelling, 2001 Solenopsi ...


ⓘ Lists of ant species by genus

  • all of them. All species except viruses are given a two - part name, a binomial The first part of a binomial is the genus to which the species belongs
  • Prolasius advenus is a species of ant in the genus Prolasius. It is endemic to New Zealand, widespread across the North and South Islands, including offshore
  • Tyrannomyrmex is a rare tropical genus of ants in the subfamily Myrmicinae. Three similar species only known from workers, are recognized and share small
  • The genus Pseudacteon, or ant - decapitating flies, of which 110 species have been documented, is a parasitoid of ants Pseudacteon species reproduce by laying
  • long gaps. The species within genus Myrmarachne are called antmimicking spiders, where they closely resemble ants by morphology and behavior. Sri Lanka
  • Myrmecia alga genus of algae associated with lichens Myrmecia ant genus of ants called bulldog ants Myrmecia skin a kind of deep wart on the
  • Trap - jaw ant may refer to: Odontomachus, most prominent genus of trap - jaw ant Anochetus, species of tropical ant Haidomyrmecini, extinct tribe of ant Acanthognathus
  • one is a threatened species of ant endemic to Alberta, Canada, facing a high risk of extinction. The total length of a female ant including the mandibles
  • 100 species of ants can be found in the Midwestern state of Kansas. Kansas ant species include common ants and ones with wings. Some Kansas ants create
List of Myrmecia species

List of Myrmecia species

Myrmecia is a genus of small to large venomous ants commonly known as bulldog ants or jack jumper ants. The genus was first established by Danish zoologist Johan Christian Fabricius in 1804 and is placed in the subfamily Myrmeciinae of the family Formicidae. There are currently 94 described species in this genus, 93 of which are valid and identifiable. Almost all species are endemic to Australia and can be found nowhere else, with an exception of a single species found in New Caledonia.

List of Pheidole species

List of Pheidole species

This is a list of valid extant and fossil species of the ant genus Pheidole in the subfamily myrmicine. There are over 1.000 valid species in this genus.

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