ⓘ The Girl and the Echo. Vika is staying for the last day at her grandfathers, a fisherman. Today her father should come but she does not want to leave. In the mo ..

The Girl and the Echo

ⓘ The Girl and the Echo

Vika is staying for the last day at her grandfathers, a fisherman. Today her father should come but she does not want to leave. In the morning her grandfather goes to sea to check the nets and Vika wanders along the beach and talks with her rocks-friends. The pensive girl creates a special world of relationships with people and nature.

Meanwhile, on the bank the children from the coastal village decide who should be the leader in their crew. Vika proclaims that the ringleader is cheating his friends: he has hidden the marked crab which the next leader should catch in the sea amongst the rocks and has thrown an unmarked one into the sea. Vika takes the crab from its hiding place and reveals the deception. Here on the shore she meets Roman. He has arrived at the coast only for one day and does not know anyone. Vika sees him as her friend and in secret tells Roman about her amazing collection – the diverse echoing voices in the rocks.

However, when the leader decides to take revenge on Vika and hides her dress during her bath, Roman gets into a situation where he has to pass a test on friendship. Because of the guys ridicule, Roman chickens out and does not deliver Vika her dress who is sitting naked in the water. Vika passes through the formation of the boys herself to pick up the dress and throws into the boys face the worst thing that he can hear, – the accusation of cowardice. To justify himself against the charge of cowardice and to win the trust of the new clique, Roman leads them into the rocks and boasts of the secret received from the girl. But the echo is silent. Vikas father arrives and meets crying Roman – he was nearly beaten for his lie. But their joint efforts to initiate the echo also do not lead to success.

However, the girl is also suffering from his betrayal. In a purely childish way she restores her confidence in humanity by calling from a village telephone random phone numbers and wishing strange interlocutors health and to have a good day.

Before leaving, Vika makes her father promise that they will come back here next year. Roman, experiencing a quarrel with Vika, tries by all means to prove that he is not a coward, and gets a marked crab, rushing to the sea waves. He brings the crab to Vika insisting that he is not a coward, and that now he will be the leader but Vika does not forgive his betrayal.

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