ⓘ Were Lalaloopsy is an American animated childrens television series produced by MGA Entertainment, Splash Entertainment, and Netflix. The series is based on the ..

Were Lalaloopsy

ⓘ Were Lalaloopsy

Were Lalaloopsy is an American animated childrens television series produced by MGA Entertainment, Splash Entertainment, and Netflix. The series is based on the Lalaloopsy dolls from MGA Entertainment, and is a spin-off of the American animated television series Lalaloopsy. It debuted on Netflix on January 10, 2017. After Lalaloopsy announced on October 2016 that it disbanded on November 2016.


1.1. Characters Main

  • Jewel Sparkles voiced by Kazumi Evans is a girly princess who loves tiaras and primping. Her pet is a pink cat named Cat.
  • Storm E. Sky voiced by Mariee Devereux is a punky, tomboyish guitar player who has stage fright and thus doesnt like to sing in front of an audience, and is the newest resident of Lalaloopsy Land. She had a rivalry with Jewel. Her pet is a purple cat with a black lightning bolt tail named Cool Cat.
  • Spot Splatter Splash voiced by Sabrina Pitre is an artist with a laid-back personality. Her pet is a red-and-white striped zebra named Zebra.
  • Dot Starlight voiced by Maryke Hendrikse is a smart stargazer and inventor. Her pet is a red bird with blue wings named Bird.
  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie voiced by Jocelyne Loewen is a baker. Her pet is a white mouse with a pink tail named Mouse.
  • Rosy Bumps N Bruises voiced by Diana Kaarina is a nurse. Her pet is a brown bear named Bear wrapped in bandages with a heart-shaped medical patch over one eye.

1.2. Characters Recurring

  • Forest Evergreen voiced by Samuel Vincent is a lumberjack who loves maple syrup. His pet is a beaver wearing a red cap named Beaver.
  • Berry Jars N Jam is a farmer and cook, and Sunnys younger twin sister. Her pet is a white cow with pink spots named Cow.
  • Sunny Side Up is a farmer and animal lover, and Berrys older twin sister. Her pet is a yellow chick with pink wings named Chick.
  • Ace Fender Bender voiced by Matt Hill is a handyman. His pet is a brown monkey wearing a red bow named Monkey.
  • Lalaloopsy is a line of plastic rag dolls from MGA Entertainment. Originally released in 2010 as Bitty Buttons, but the brand name was changed to Lalaloopsy
  • Lalaloopsy is an American children s animated television series based on the Lalaloopsy dolls from MGA Entertainment. The series first appeared on TV
  • Splatter Splash s sister Laloopsys were a hit in 2010. Also in the Lalaloopsy line are Mini Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy Micros and Accessories. The Accessories
  • Lala - Oppsies: A Sew Magical Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show Lalaloopsy Babies: First Steps Lalaloopsy Festival of Sugary Sweets Lalaloopsy Band Together Micropolis
  • Imagination Movers Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jungle Cubs Jungle Junction Lalaloopsy The Lion Guard The Little Mermaid Martha Speaks Mater s Tall Tales Mickey
  • called Sing - a - ma - jigs sings this song. It is also used as the tune of the Lalaloopsy Magic Mermaid Coral Sea Shells commercial jingle. In Stephen King s End
  • herself named Scrump, who she holds onto as a comfort object. Stuffed toy Lalaloopsy British museum exhibit Archived 2015 - 10 - 24 at the Wayback Machine Reef
  • Animation season 2 and Rough Draft Studios Korea Co. Ltd. season 2 Lalaloopsy 2013 - 2015 Nick Jr. co - produced with MGA Entertainment and Splash
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