ⓘ A Girl with a Temper. A Girl with Character is a 1939 Soviet comedy film directed by Konstantin Yudin. The film featured acting debuts of Mikhail Gluzsky and An ..

A Girl with a Temper

ⓘ A Girl with a Temper

A Girl with Character is a 1939 Soviet comedy film directed by Konstantin Yudin.

The film featured acting debuts of Mikhail Gluzsky and Anatoly Solovyov.


1. Plot

In search of truth and the possibility of punishing the director-bureaucrat Meshkov, who collapsed the once prosperous work in the Far East animal-breeding sovkhoz, the best farm worker Katya Ivanova goes to the district center. On the way to the station Katya manages to catch and pass over a saboteur to the border guards. Then she rides the train without a ticket to write a complaint, which means that she has to work as a waitress in the dining car, and gets into Moscow. On the train, Katya meets a sailor Sergei, but upon arrival in Moscow they lose each other. Katya gets employed as a saleswoman in a fur shop and after that at a factory of gramophone records. At the same time she actively convinces female colleagues at work go to the Far East. For a long time Sergei is looking for Katya and finally his search is a success. Meanwhile Katyas complaint is examined, and she is appointed as the new director of the farm, instead of the dismissed Meshkov. Katya and her friend Sergei go to the Far East.


2. Cast

  • Sergei Blinnikov as manager of the dining car
  • Vladimir Dorofeev as huntsman
  • Pavel Olenev as Bobrik, director of the fur store
  • Andrei Tutyshkin as Sergei Beryozkin, sailor
  • Nikita Kondratyev as photojournalist
  • Karandash as waiter
  • Vsevolod Sanayev as Surkov, lieutenant of the militsiya
  • Mikhail Gluzsky as border patrol officer
  • Aleksandr Antonov as Mehkov, director of the animal-breeding sovkhoz
  • Ivan Lobyzovskiy as komsomol leader of the gramophone factory
  • Nikolai Arskiy as employee of the commissariat
  • Anatoly Solovyev as red army officer
  • Valentina Serova as Katya Ivanova, worker of the Far-East animal-breeding sovkhoz
  • Emma Tsesarskaya as Ekaterina Ivanova, wife of the commander
  • Pyotr Repnin as Tsvetkov, director of the gramophone record factory
  • Iona Biy-Brodskiy as the lover of beer in the dining car
  • Galina Kravchenko as mother of a lost child
  • Aleksandr Zhukov as train conductor

3. Interesting Facts

  • Filming of one scene took place on the Kratovskaya childrens railway.
  • The film marks the first appearance of the famous song "To the Far East" music by the Pokrass brothers, lyrics by Eugene Dolmatovski by Emma Tsesarskaya and Valentin Serov. The tune "Brown Buttons" was based on the themes of this song.
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