ⓘ The Letdown is an Australian television comedy series first screened on the ABC in 2016. It follows the adventures of Audrey, including her struggles as a new m ..

The Letdown

ⓘ The Letdown

The Letdown is an Australian television comedy series first screened on the ABC in 2016. It follows the adventures of Audrey, including her struggles as a new mum in an oddball mothers group. She navigates the steep learning curve of motherhood, deals with sleeplessness, shifting relationship dynamics, her issues with her own mother, and her partners career ambitions.

The title is a play on the word letdown, which refers to the let-down reflex in breastfeeding, but is also a colloquialism for disappointment, both of which are key elements of Audreys story.

Series 2 of The Letdown began airing from 29 May, 2019.


1.1. Production First series

The series began as part of the comedy anthology series Comedy Showroom which screened on 4 May 2016. It was one of six new comedies screened in the series, which were seen as potential pilots for a full TV series.

In June 2017, the show was picked up to series by ABC, with Netflix as a co-producer. The series premiered on 25 October 2017 on ABC. The series premiered internationally on Netflix on 21 April 2018.


1.2. Production Second series

A second series was produced and released in 2019. In the second series Audreys daughter is a one year old toddler, and her partner Jeremy is living and working in Adelaide. Audrey and her friends continue to struggle with parenthood into the toddler years. At the end of the first series, Audrey discovers that shes unexpectedly pregnant. As the second series goes on, we learn that Audrey had an abortion because she and Jeremy were not ready for a second child and because her clinician told her that a second pregnancy might rupture her uterus. Audrey tells her aloof, artsy mum about the abortion, and finds out that her mum also had an abortion. During the last episode, she shares her abortion with her clinician and with her moms group, all of whom are supportive. Esther, a member of the mothers group, also shares that she had an abortion when she was younger.


2. Cast


  • Xana Tang as Georgia
  • Celeste Barber as Barbara
  • Sarah Peirse as Verity
  • Leah Vandenberg as Martha
  • Noni Hazlehurst as Ambrose
  • Lucy Durack as Sophie
  • Sacha Horler as Ester
  • Leon Ford as Ruben
  • Taylor Ferguson as Jenna
  • Duncan Fellows as Jeremy
  • Alison Bell as Audrey

Guest cast

  • Wayne Blair as Father Whyman
  • Ming-Zhu Hii
  • Rachel Gordon
  • Maggie Kirkpatrick as Lois
  • Brendan Cowell as Harry
  • Greg Larsen as Kim
  • Gareth Davies
  • Patrick Brammall as Scott
  • John Leary as Dave
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