ⓘ Mosque of Atik Behram Bey. The Atik Behrem-begova dzamija, better known as Sarena dzamija, is the oldest mosque in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. ..

Mosque of Atik Behram Bey

ⓘ Mosque of Atik Behram Bey

The Atik Behrem-begova dzamija, better known as Sarena dzamija, is the oldest mosque in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


1. Name

The name of Atik was given to this mosque because it is probably the oldest mosque in Tuzla. It also acquired the name of Behrem Bey due to the Behrem-begova medresa being placed in front of it, and because the mosque was probably renewed and maintained as part of the same waqf vakif. Due to the decorated interiors, it is called the Colorful Mosque Sarena dzamija.


2. Architecture

The mosque was built on a small hill, the size is 10x10m and dominates the environment. Before the fire of 1871, it was built of clay, with a wooden cupola. After its rebuilding in 1888, it had a dome of solid materials, but this was quickly replaced by a tile roof. On the ground floor there are ten windows made of iron with cross bars. The interior of the mosque is decorated with various furniture. The minbar is built in Arabic style. The minaret consists of several parts, so it is squared from the base to the top of the mosque wall with a narrow roof on three sides. The mosque, as well as the harem itself, is secured by a rock-wall support wall with a concrete slab.

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