ⓘ United States Energy Association. The United States Energy Association is the U.S. Member Committee of the World Energy Council. Headquartered in Washington, D. ..

United States Energy Association

ⓘ United States Energy Association

The United States Energy Association is the U.S. Member Committee of the World Energy Council. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., USEA is an association of public and private energy-related organizations, corporations, and government agencies.

The association hosts annual events such as the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum, Energy Supply Forum, and State of the Energy Industry Forum.


1. Leadership

Barry Worthington has served as USEA’s executive director since 1988. Worthington chairs the Clean Electricity Production working group within the UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy. He also sits on numerous energy boards, including the National Energy Foundation chairman and Energy Law Foundation.

Worthington meets with domestic and international energy leaders to discuss energy infrastructure partnerships. He often advocates for energy cultivation in developing countries, claiming there are "few priorities greater for the world than getting people linked to the grid." Worthington is a firm supporter of energy "sovereignty."

Vicky Bailey currently chairs USEA’s board of directors. She succeeded Jack Futcher, the President and COO of Bechtel.


2. International Development

For 25 years, USEA has been a partner with USAID, expanding energy infrastructure, improving energy access, and reducing energy poverty in developing economies through international energy partnerships. A major function of USEA’is to help USAID expand energy infrastructure and programs in developing countries. In 2012, the association launched the U.S East Africa Geothermal Partnership EAGP, a public-private partnership" offering assistance at early stages of project development in East Africa.” Through the Djibouti Geothermal Partnership, Ethiopia Geothermal Partnership, and Kenya Electricity Generating Company KenGen, USEA partners with the Department of Energy and local governments to promote U.S. companies’ involvement in developing additional geothermal generation capacity. According to USEA, the number of U.S. companies conducting geothermal work in East Africa has more than tripled since EAGP’s inception.


3. Advocacy

USEA represents the interests of the U.S. energy sector through public education and advocacy. The association supports an" all-of-the-above energy strategy,” from renewable energy to fossil fuels. USEA advocates for the exploration and production of oil and natural gas.


4. Publications

  • Black Sea Transmission Planning Project: Analysis Of The Potential To Provide Cross-Border Balancing Services And Energy In The Black Sea Region
  • Integrating Intermittent Generation In Southeast Europe: Lessons Learned
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