ⓘ Fairytale.Is. The picture consists of three short films. In the first segment, Dasha quarrels with her father and mother and falls into the world of toys becaus ..


ⓘ Fairytale.Is

The picture consists of three short films.

In the first segment, Dasha quarrels with her father and mother and falls into the world of toys because of her yet unborn sister. Because of getting hit with a toy elephant, she gets transported into a new world - the world of toys. Her parents are dolls in this world. Their own daughter becomes her older sister.

In the second segment, the father-architect is fascinated by the project of creating a building for the circus and does not pay any attention to his son Fedya. He ends up spoiling the miniature of the building, and after a quarrel, his father is suddenly transferred to the inside of a circus which has not yet been built for a very unexpected performance.

The third segment tells of a certain school with strange rules. 12-year-old Vanya and a new teacher Svetlana, who came for an internship, find out that during the full moon the teachers and the school itself turn into a living nightmare.


1. Cast

Segment "The World of Toys"

  • Konstantin Khabensky - Encyclopedia
  • Sergey Ugryumov - Ken
  • Mikhail Porechenkov - The Bear
  • Anfisa Wistinghausen - Dasha
  • Darya Moroz - Barbie
  • Svetlana Ivanova - Pupsik
  • Mikhail Trukhin - Player
  • Andrey Smolyakov - Evil Clown
  • Elizaveta Boyarskaya - Mama
  • Maksim Matveyev - Papa

Segment "Childhood Forever"

  • Grigory Siyatvinda - Sprehshtalmeyster
  • Vasily Brykov - Fedya
  • Artur Smolyaninov - The Hare
  • Aleksei Serebryakov - Daddy
  • Irina Pegova - Mama

Segment "Epischo"

  • Angelina Mirimskaya - Svetlana Krivosheeva
  • Yola Sanko - Stepanida Neck
  • Alexander Usherdin - Timo Kultunen. workahall
  • Pyotr Skvortsov - Vanja Bystin-Okhlo
  • Daniel Uskov - Fedya
  • Ksenia Rappoport - Gala Dmitrievna, the head teacher
  • Mikhail Kozakov - Stanislav Dalievich Salvadorov, director of the school
  • Gosha Kutsenko - Penkulturnik
  • Svetlana Novikova - Aunt Shura
  • Sergey Burunov - Geokhim
  • Alexander Komissarov - Himstorik Vissarionovich
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