ⓘ Goddess: How I fell in Love. Police investigator Faina lives alone, because of work she always comes home very late. She often drowns her sorrows in alcohol bec ..

Goddess: How I fell in Love

ⓘ Goddess: How I fell in Love

Police investigator Faina lives alone, because of work she always comes home very late. She often drowns her sorrows in alcohol because of her stressful and dangerous job. Faina does not have the time or energy for romantic relationships. She looks at everyone with the eyes of the investigator; in everyone she sees a criminal or a maniac.

Faina is investigating a mysterious disappearance of a girl. They are looking for the child for a year and the relatives have almost lost all hope. Faina continues to search, feeling that the girl is alive.


1. Cast

  • Renata Litvinova - Faina, investigator
  • Dmitry Ulyanov - Nikolay
  • Konstantin Khabensky - Polosoyev
  • Viktor Sukhorukov - Victor Iliazarovich
  • Konstantin Murzenko - investigator Yegorov Yagurov
  • Maksim Sukhanov - Professor
  • Elena Rufanova - doctor Elena
  • Olga Blok-Mirimskaya - Aglaya
  • Andrey Krasko - doctor Pavel
  • Svetlana Svetlichnaya - ghost mom
  • Polina Borisova - missing girl, daughter of Victor
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