ⓘ The Innocents, TV series. The Innocents is a British supernatural television series created by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric. The series premiered on 24 Augus ..

The Innocents (TV series)

ⓘ The Innocents (TV series)

The Innocents is a British supernatural television series created by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric. The series premiered on 24 August 2018 on Netflix.


1.1. Cast Main

  • Percelle Ascott as Harry Polk, Junes love interest
  • Nadine Marshall as Christine Polk, Harrys mother, a police officer
  • Sorcha Groundsell as June McDaniel, a shifter
  • Guy Pearce as Bendik "Ben" Halvorson, a man who treats people with supernatural, shapeshifting abilities, known as "shifters", at Sanctum.
  • Johannes Haukur Johannesson as Steinar, Halvorsons troubled, right-hand-man.
  • Sam Hazeldine as John McDaniel, Junes stern, overprotective step-father
  • Ingunn Beate Oyen as Runa Gundersen, Halvorsons wife as well as patient, who is suffering from the early onset of dementia.
  • Arthur Hughes as Ryan McDaniel, Junes crippled older brother
  • Laura Birn as Elena Askeland, Junes mother, a shifter, who struggles to control her power.

1.2. Cast Recurring

  • Jason Done as DCI Doug Squirries, Christines boss whom she is at odds with.
  • Trond Fausa as Alf, a private investigator and high school friend of Steinar, who agrees to help Steinar locate and capture June until things get out of control.
  • Philip Wright as Lewis Polk, Harrys father, who was left mentally handicapped as a result of Elena shifting into him and then directly into another body.
  • Abigail Hardingham as Kam, also known as Freya Gundersen, a shifter whom June and Harry come into contact with. The daughter of Runa, she fled from Sanctum when she was younger.
  • Lise Risom Olsen as Sigrid Vollen, a patient of Halvorson who can now control her shifting abilities.
  • Andrew Koji as Andrew, Kams boyfriend.

2. Production

The series was ordered by Netflix in August 2017. In February 2018, the series title was announced, alongside the news that the series will be shot mainly in England mostly shot in Skipton and Norway. Carly Paradis composes music for the series.

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