ⓘ Fair Wind, Blue Bird! is a 1967 Soviet-Yugoslav adventure film directed by Mikhail Ershov, based on the eponymous story by Boris Kosier. ..

Fair Wind, Blue Bird!

ⓘ Fair Wind, "Blue Bird"!

Fair Wind, "Blue Bird"! is a 1967 Soviet-Yugoslav adventure film directed by Mikhail Ershov, based on the eponymous story by Boris Kosier.


1. Plot

Aboard the schooner "Blue Bird" traveling on the Adriatic are schoolchildren, winners of the questionnaire "For Peace and Mutual Understanding". Taking advantage of the fact that the ship, when entering the ports, is released from customs inspection, an international gang organizes the delivery of a consignment of drugs. Mrs. Rips, an observer from the Society for the Patronage of Animals and her companion, the circus Lorimur act as couriers.

A radio amateur from the US, schoolboy Ralph and his Yugoslav friend, Milan, consider the behavior of Monsieur Vilar, the pediatrician attached to the expedition, as very strange. The guys arrange for him to be followed until it turns out that the doctor is an agent of Interpol, and the real offender is Lorimur. After the refusal of Mrs. Rips to dine at the same table with a boy from Senegal, by decision of the general meeting, she is dropped off at the nearest port. The remaining companion is forced to request help from gangsters on the radio.

During the performance at an improvised concert, the guys search the artists cabin and find the drugs hidden in paint tubes. Lorimur reaches the island on a lifeboat, but is captured by Ralph and Milan, who pursued him. The captain with the sailors and Monsieur Vilar arrives in time to arrest the fugitive, and later the gangster who appears behind the cargo.


2. Cast

  • Alexander Yesic as Monsieur Vilar
  • Valery Komlev as Alec from Great Britain
  • Evgenia Vetlov as Tanya Ivleva from the USSR
  • Milenko Jovanovic as Milan Petrovic from Yugoslavia
  • Vitaly Doronin as captain of the schooner "Blue Bird"
  • Milan Puzic as lieutenant
  • Robert Zotov as Thomas from Senegal
  • Vladimir Pak as Kyoto from Japan
  • Blazhenka Catalinic as Mrs. Rips
  • Svetlana Vishnyakova as Tampiko from Japan
  • Azer Kurbanov as Pablo Gonzales from Brazil
  • Boris Amarantov as Lorimur voiced by Alexander Demyanenko
  • Radmila Karaklajic as Gina Savic
  • Irina Shirokova as Mahraba from India
  • Larissa Taranenko as Ulla Nilsson from Sweden
  • Alexander Gavrilov as Ralph Barney from the United States
  • Demetr Bitents as correspondent voiced by Oleg Basilashvili
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