ⓘ Gogol. Viy. On a new holiday, Gogol advises Binkh to urge residents of Dikanka not to leave the houses at night. Although the night passes without new victims, ..

Gogol. Viy

ⓘ Gogol. Viy

On a new holiday, Gogol advises Binkh to urge residents of Dikanka not to leave the houses at night. Although the night passes without new victims, the next morning seven houses are marked with the sign of the Horseman. Whats unusual is that they also marked the Danishevskys house, although the Dark Horseman had never touched noblemen before and killed only peasants. Not seeing other options, Nikolai suggests to hide all the girls from the labeled houses in a secret place under the protection of the Cossacks. This proposal does not find support from Binh, since he begins to suspect Gogol of having links to the murderer. Danishevsky also rudely rejects the proposal to take Lisa with him.

Thanks to the little daughter of the blacksmith Vakula, Gogol guesses that the signs on the houses were put by the witch from the village the signs were painted with the blood of a dog, and in her house the girl saw a dead dog. However, the witch can not be interrogated: she is stabbed by a stranger with an aspen stake, who runs away when Nikolai appears. Waking up at the scene of the murder, Gogol falls under the suspicion of Binh no one except him saw the killer and finds on the floor the spell he wrote in Latin.

After studying the evidence and weapons of a stranger, Nikolai comes to the conclusion that the murderer intended to perform a ritual over the body, but did not have time to complete it, which means that he will try to finish the deed later. The murderer is really ambushed in a shed, where the witchs body lies; it turns out to be the wandering exorcist Homa Brutus. He arrived in Dikanka to fight again with the demon Viy, and the witch needed him as a bait. Making sure that Gogol is not a murderer, Binh gives the go-ahead to hide the girls.

Khoma, escaping from imprisonment, takes Gogol hostage and asks him to help him defeat Viy: he simply does not have enough strength alone, and only a man with a dark gift strong enough that the spell that casts out the demon would work. Locked in a church with a witchs body and drawing a circle, Homa waits until Viy arrives, but dies. Gogol reads the spell himself, why Viy disappears, but Nikolai himself falls dead.

At night, the Dark Horseman finds a secret place abandoned farm and kills all Cossacks and girls inside it. Arriving at the site, Binh and Vakula conclude that someone had revealed the location of the shelter to the Horseman, which only four knew: Binh himself, his assistant scribe Tesak, Gogol and Alexei Danishevsky. The first thing Binh decides to arrest and interrogate Gogol, but finds him in the church without signs of life.

The film ends with scenes from the sequel, "Gogol. Terrible Revenge": the return of Yakov Petrovich Guro, the funeral of Gogol and the battle with the Dark Horseman.


1. Cast

  • Julia Franz - daughter of the miller Oksana
  • Alexey Vertkov - Homa Brutus
  • Valery Rybin - The Dark Horseman
  • Kirill Polukhin - sorcerer-basurman Basavryuk
  • Yulia Marchenko - Gogols mother Maria Gogol-Yanovskaya
  • Taisia Vilkova - Elizaveta Lisa Danishevskaya
  • Yevgeny Stychkin - head of the police department, Alexander Khristoforovich Binkh
  • Artyom Tkachenko - Alexey Danishevsky
  • Eugene - full servant of Gogol Yakim
  • Jan Tzapnik - doctor-pathologist Leopold Leopoldovich Bomgart
  • Sergey Badyuk - Blacksmith Vakula
  • Alexander Petrov - Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol
  • Martha Timofeeva - daughter of the blacksmith Vakula Vasilina
  • Andrey Astrakhantsev - father of Gogol Vasily Gogol-Yanovsky
  • Svetlana Kireeva - Khristina
  • Artyom Suchkov - scribe Slasher
  • Ksenia Razina - Ulyana
  • Anvar Libabov - noseless