ⓘ The Frigid Sea. Several Pomor fishermen were attacked by sea pirates and were forced to spend more than one year on a desert island. Many considered them dead b ..

The Frigid Sea

ⓘ The Frigid Sea

Several Pomor fishermen were attacked by sea pirates and were forced to spend more than one year on a desert island. Many considered them dead but almost all of them managed to survive.


1. Historical Background

Prototypes of the films heroes were four Russian hunters from Mezen, led by forage Aleksey Khimkov, who spent more than 6 years on the uninhabited island of Edgeoya in the southeastern part of the Spitsbergen archipelago, which in the Russian North was called Little Brun. Based on their stories, the French scientist Pierre Louis Leroy, who lived and worked in Russia, published in 1760 an essay.


2. Cast

  • Elena Kondrateva as Mat Varvary
  • Valentina Telegina as Terentyevna
  • Nikolay Gorlov
  • Anatoly Kubatsky as Grandfather Nikifor
  • Georgi Chernovolenko as Capt. Van Glek
  • Nikolay Kryuchkov as Aleksey Khimkov
  • Igor Bezyayev
  • Aleksandr Antonov as Amos Kornilov
  • Valentin Grachyov as Vanya Khimkov, his son as Valya Grachyov
  • Yakov Khaletskiy
  • Elza Lezhdey as Varvara
  • Aleksandr Pelevin as Vernizobar
  • Mikhail Kuznetsov as Crewman Fedor Verigin
  • Mark Bernes as Okladnikov
  • Gennadi Yudin as Crewman Stepan Shaparov
  • Aleksandra Danilova as Nastya Khinkova
  • The leatherback sea turtle Dermochelys coriacea sometimes called the lute turtle or leathery turtle or simply the luth, is the largest of all living
  • David dove into the frigid seas of the North Atlantic and helped to save the lives of 93 soldiers and many of his own crew including the ship s executive
  • Bering Sea Gold also known as Gold Divers in the UK is a reality television series set in Nome, Alaska, on Norton Sound, that airs on Discovery Channel
  • The November 2014 Bering Sea cyclone also referred to as Post - Tropical Cyclone Nuri by the U.S. government was the most intense extratropical cyclone
  • as a baby in the 1996 Australian movie River Street film From 2010, Rees starred in a number of short films Warhead Once A Frigid Night Bracelet
  • Most of the fatalities in the frigid water as cold as 0 - 5  C 32 - 41  F were caused by hypothermia, which also affected all the rescued crew. The ship s
  • and rich biodiversity. At 1, 450 km above sea level, the mountainous landscape offers both scorching and frigid temperatures. It is known for its exotic
  • Boiling Hot Water Found in Frigid Arctic Sea 2008 - 07 - 24. Retrieved 2008 - 07 - 25. Background about the G.O. Sars University of Bergen
  • species of starfish occur on the seabed in all the world s oceans, from the tropics to frigid polar waters. They are found from the intertidal zone down to
  • August for minesweeping operations in the North Atlantic. From August 1941 to 3 May 1944, Kite swept sea lanes in frigid Newfoundland waters. Clearing Argentia

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