ⓘ Did We Meet Somewhere Before. The film tells about the successful comic actor Gennadiy Maksimov, who goes with his wife Larisa to the Crimea. But suddenly Laris ..

Did We Meet Somewhere Before

ⓘ Did We Meet Somewhere Before

The film tells about the successful comic actor Gennadiy Maksimov, who goes with his wife Larisa to the Crimea. But suddenly Larisa is called to the theater of miniatures instead of one actress, who fell ill, and she leaves her husband. He had to fall behind the train. On the way, he gets to know different people and every meeting is a small play.


1. Starring

  • Olga Aroseva as fan of Maksimov as O. Arosyeva
  • Maria Vladimirovna Mironova as Veronika Platonovna Malyarskaya as M. Mironova
  • Galina Korotkevich
  • Mikhail Yanshin as Vasilyev
  • Vladimir Lepko as Afanasiy Ivanovich
  • Arkadi Rajkin as Gennadiy Vladimirovich Maksimov
  • Sergey Filippov
  • Nikolai Chistyakov
  • Vladimir Gulyaev
  • Aleksandr Benyaminov as photograf as A. Beniaminov
  • Lyudmila Tselikovskaya as Larisa Levkoyeva
  • Vasiliy Merkurev as director of theater
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