ⓘ Churchills Secret Agents: The New Recruits is an AmericanBritish reality competition television program released by Netflix on June 29, 2018. ..


ⓘ Churchills Secret Agents: The New Recruits

Churchills Secret Agents: The New Recruits is an American/British reality competition television program released by Netflix on June 29, 2018.


1. Premise

In 1940, during the height of World War II conflict in Europe, British Minister of Economic Warfare Hugh Dalton founded the Special Operations Executive. The SOE was a secret organization responsible for espionage and reconnaissance during wartime efforts. The organization would take everyday citizens from all backgrounds and walks of life and put them through rigorous training to extract the traits necessary for a secret agent.

Now, a group of 14 modern day recruits will be put through the same rigorous testing as those agents in 1940 to determine if they would have had what it took to be an agent of SOE.


2. Cast

The Trainers:

  • Nicky Moffat, instructor
  • Mike Rennie, military psychologist
  • Rod Bailey, SOE historian
  • Lieutenat Colonel Adrian Weale, commanding officer

The Recruits:

  • Rohini Bajaj, doctor
  • Magda Thomas, interpreter
  • Vicki Wright, former police officer
  • Will Beresford-Davies, paralegal
  • Paul Stone, entertainer
  • Lizzie Jeffreys, research scientist
  • Charlotte Beauclerk, interpreter
  • Dan Dewhirst, corporate developer
  • Samy Ali, ex-armed forces
  • Rob Copsey, ex-paratrooper
  • Sebe Camara, council administrator
  • Roger Barris, retired investment banker
  • Alastair Stanley, maths graduate
  • Debbey Clitheroe, drama teacher, grandma

3. Selection

In the first episode of the series, the original 14 recruits were put through an initial 4-day selection process, to see who would make it to training.

Poker Chips

The Recruit had an Outstanding performance in this portion of the test. The Recruit had a Good performance in this portion of the test. The Recruit had an Above Average performance in this portion of the test. The Recruit had a Below Average performance in this portion of the test. It is not revealed what this chip means The Recruit Failed this portion of the test. The trainers did not put a chip on the board.
  • countries. He recruited agents and filed and analyzed their reports. One of these reports revealed that Germany had secret arrangements with the Soviet Union
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  • Srinivasan played the title role. In 2018, Netflix released an original show entitled Churchill s Secret Agents the new recruits season 1 episode
  • up in New York City by the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6 in May 1940 upon the authorisation of the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill Its purpose
  • of Ritter s recruits became double - agents who catastrophically exposed his spy rings. Ritter recruited William Sebold who later joined the FBI which resulted
  • to avoid prosecution and thus the possibility of the death penalty if they would work as British double - agents Agents who agreed to this were supervised
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