ⓘ Works about individual people ..


ⓘ Works about individual people

  • attempts to address the issue on both the individual and local levels. Currently, the program employs over 200 people including 130 social workers, job counselors
  • diesel power. Like all pumping stations of the Zuiderzee Works they are named for individuals who made significant contributions to the project. The period
  • Individual fishing quotas IFQs also known as individual transferable quotas ITQs are one kind of catch share, a means by which many governments regulate
  • ideas of individual ownership and economic opportunity a political reality for all Americans. That s the purpose of Freedom Works Freedom Works views itself
  • Individual psychological assessment IPA is a tool used by organizations to make decisions on employment. IPA allows employers to evaluate and maintain
  • and beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Gas Works Park has been a setting for films such as Singles and 10 Things I Hate About You. It has been featured twice on
  • A health insurance mandate is either an employer or individual mandate to obtain private health insurance instead of or in addition to a national health
  • The Wistarburg Glass Works sometimes spelled Wistarburgh Glass Works also known as the United Glass Company was the first successful glass factory and
  • and half - caste individuals with lighter - skinned individuals targeted for removal from their families to be raised as white people restricted from
  • The Clinton Engineer Works CEW was the production installation of the Manhattan Project that during World War II produced the enriched uranium used
  • at its website. Other publishing efforts include books about individual artists. Pioneer Works also acts as a small press for artists, authors, and other
  • faiths. Through its educational programming, the institution works to connect Jewish people to their roots and strengthen their personal and collective

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