ⓘ Xak I & II is a re-release of Xak and Xak II, a fantasy role-playing video game series Xak developed and published by the Japanese software developer MicroCabin ..

Xak I & II

ⓘ Xak I & II

Xak I & II is a re-release of Xak and Xak II, a fantasy role-playing video game series Xak developed and published by the Japanese software developer MicroCabin and Telenet Japans development team Riot. This set contains both the first two Xak series games back-to-back on one complete Super Cd-Rom^2 with enhanced graphics and sound. In a similar style to Ys Books I & II, also for the PC-Engine system, Xak II, the second game in the series picks up immediately as the first game concludes. Xak I & II was a Japanese release only and although the first two Xak games have been translated into English on the MSX2, the PC-Engine versions remain untranslated for now.


1. Setting and story

Xak features a typical high fantasy setting. According to the game worlds legends, a great war was fought between the benevolent but weakening ancient gods and a demon race, which led to the collapse and eventual mortality of the gods. After this War of Sealing, the gods divided the world into three parts: Xak, the world of humans, Oceanity, the world of faeries, and Xexis, the world of demons. The demon world of Xexis was tightly sealed from the other two worlds as to prevent reentry of the warmongering demon race. Some demons were left behind in Xak, however, and others managed to discover a separate means to enter Xak from Xexis anyway.

One them, Badu, was a very powerful demon, able to use coercive magic to make humans do his bidding. Duel, the god of war, managed to defeat Badu and seal him away in a mountain of ice for 250 years. The god later settled in a village known as Fearless to live out the rest of his mortal life.

At the beginning of the game, Badus prison is broken. Demons overrun parts of Xak once again. In order to stop the ravaging of his lands, the King of Wavis sends a messenger faerie to Dork Kart, a famous warrior living in the village of Fearless. Dork, however, has gone missing. The player takes on the role of Latok Kart, Dorks 16-year-old son, as he meets the messenger faerie, Pixie. Latok embarks on the Kings quest to slay Badu, hoping to find his father along the way.

In his travels, Latok is guided by Duels spirit. Over the course of the game, it turns out that Dork and thus Latok is a descendant of Duel.

As this first adventure ends, Latok is able to triumph over the demon Zemu Badu. One of Badus minions escaped, a black-robed man known only as Necromancer. Three years later, the Necromancer is able to contact one of his allies from the demon world of Xexis: a fearsome demon called Zamu Gospel. Following a prophecy foretold by an ancient and extremely powerful sorcerer by the name of Amadok, the Necromancer and three other demons referred to as Demonlords are attempting to complete a dark ritual which will revive Zamu Gospel into the world of Xak.

Xaks setting is centered on Latoks hometown of Fearless and his journeys take him to several other towns, fortresses and villages and eventually into a secret underground world known as the Land of Fire as he makes his way to the royal palace of Wavis.

Xak IIs setting is a vast region situated around a single central village of Banuwa to the North of the locations of areas visited in Xak and its neighbouring forests, crystal mines, an ancient castle and a mountainous island ruin.


2. Characters

Latok is the only playable character in the game. Notable non-player characters Latok meets include:

  • Saria, Latoks Mother, who is blind. Latok has taken care of her ever since his father disappeared.
  • Rachael, a girl whose father is in charge of a resistance hideout against the demons in the Land of Fire.
  • Nurse Elle, the nurse of the village of Fearless.
  • Ebu Fyl, the Eastern demonlord and a master of water magic under the service of Zamu Gospel.
  • Kane, a magician in the hobbit village of Nemnu who gives Latok a mascot familiar named Rabbie.
  • Zuun, a demon disguised as a human man who Latok accidentally sets free.
  • Abu Baal, the Southern demonlord that has possessed the body and mind of Jerome Vordis, a person of close connection with Captain Ray Deal. He is a master of wind magic under the service of Zamu Gospel.
  • Bogoreous, the Western demonlord and a master of earth magic under the service of Zamu Gospel.
  • Shana Tautook, a young girl who was raised by forest dwellers who plays an important role in a demonic prophecy surrounding Gospels resurrection.
  • Bobby, the pacifist son of the blacksmith Dac of the town of Fearless.
  • Elise, a childhood friend of Latok and the granddaughter of Fearlesss mayor. She could be considered as a possible romantic interest of Latok.
  • Mune Tautook, Shanas twin sister who was captured by demons at birth and separated the Tautook family.
  • Horn Ashtar, a bard that is traveling the world to find out what his true purpose is.
  • Rune Greed, a green-haired warrior. He is a descendant of Duel as well and is on a quest to slay Badu and the demons all of his own.
  • The Necromancer, a powerful black-robed demon with power over the dead who is the Northern demonlord under the service of Zemu Badu and Zamu Gospel. The Necromancer is a recurring villain in the series.
  • Rabbie, a magicians familiar rabbit given to Latok.
  • Zeke Bordeaux, Banuwas dourn and tight-lipped arms dealer who has a history with Latoks father as he and Dork Kart were two of the three Legendary Fencers of Wavis.
  • Ray Deal, a captain of a ship called the Sinary who due to tragic incident lost his best friend and his entire crew.
  • Dr. Baspa, a doctor of Banuwa village who aids Latok on his quest and eventually presents Latok with a cure to his mothers blindness.
  • Duel, the god of war, living on in spirit form.
  • Fell Bow, a nun and the sister of Wavis general Nill Bow whose familys duty is to protect the White Xak Dipole and guide the descendants of Duel in their quest.
  • Bigoreous, the younger brother of Bogoreous, the Western demonlord.
  • Freya "Fray" Jerbarn, a blue-haired girl Latok rescues from a wolf-infested forest. Fray is the main heroine of a Xak series spin-off, Fray In Magical Adventure Please see also Fray CD However, during the course of Xak she does not know yet how to use magic. During the events of Xak II, Fray has become a full-fledged sorceress and travels to aid Latok in his quest.
  • Zamu Gospel, the main villain of the game and a powerful demon who was prophesied by a powerful sorcerer to be resurrected through an ancient ritual.
  • Lou Miri Pixie, the green-haired messenger faerie sent by the King of Wavis that guides Latok along his way.
  • Badu, the main villain of the game who was recently released from his 250-year imprisonment.

3. Gameplay

Xak I & II is a classic dungeon crawl, in that the game proceeds by the player finding his way through labyrinthine maps, defeating opposing monsters on the way. In each map, keys, NPCs and other objects have to be found to gain entrance to the room where a boss dwells. After defeating the boss, the player can proceed towards the next map, where the structure repeats. Various sub-quests involving NPCs are present, most of them obligatory.

Combat is in real-time. The players character walks around on the game maps, as well as the monster characters. Each character has an attack and defense rating, different for each of its four sides. Moreover, Latoks ratings change depending on whether he has his sword drawn as the player keeps the space bar depressed or sheathed. As Latok or a monster takes damage or wards off an attack, the character is pushed backwards. This combat system requires some manual dexterity, especially during boss fights - bosses are generally several times larger than Latok himself.

Latok advances in power through a classic leveling system. Moreover, there are several shops scattered through the game where Latok can buy stronger swords, armors and shields. Gold, the games currency, and experience points are awarded for killing monsters that wander the map.

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