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The family name Stibolt was closely associated with the Danish-Norwegian navy of the 18th century and with the island of Christianso from the time that Hans Anderson Stibolt was appointed commandant of those most easterly islands of Denmark. His three sons all held naval officer rank, as did many of the subsequent generations, serving with a varied amount of success. Three generations held the post of Commandant on Christianso. By Caspar Henrik Stibolt and his first wife Charlotte Hedevig Becher, who died 1776. Thiel Erich Stibolt, commander 1726–1790 and his second wife Catharina von Hara ...


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  • circumstances, the extended family comes to live either with or in place of a member of the immediate family These families include, in one household
  • United States has seen many families who have repeatedly produced notable politicians from their ranks, and these families have had a significant impact
  • and succeeded the Aid to Families with Dependent Children AFDC program, providing cash assistance to indigent American families through the United States
  • clan or family The term can be a point of confusion, especially in popular culture and Hollywood, because in the truest sense, crime families are not
  • by spatial diffusion Some closely - knit language families and many branches within larger families take the form of dialect continua in which there
  • This is a list of the families of the order Diptera true flies The classification is based largely on Pape et al. 2011 Many of the fossil species
  • Casinos. Since the 1930s, the Los Angeles families the Five Families of New York and the Midwest families have owned and operated in Casinos in the Las
  • Tomy introduced Sylvanian Families into the UK market in 1987, and it quickly became a bestseller. By 1988, Sylvanian Families had become a major success
  • and social well - being of families children, individuals and communities. ACF programs aim to achieve the following: families and individuals empowered

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