ⓘ X-Treme Sports was a Canadian English language category 2 television channel owned by Canwest Media Inc., a division of Canwest Global Communications. X-Treme S ..

X-Treme Sports

ⓘ X-Treme Sports

X-Treme Sports was a Canadian English language category 2 television channel owned by Canwest Media Inc., a division of Canwest Global Communications. X-Treme Sports aired a variety of programming primarily related to extreme sports.


1. History

On November 24, 2000 Global Television Network Inc., a subsidiary of Canwest, was granted approval by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission CRTC to launch a national English-language Category 2 specialty television service called Extreme Sports, described as "featuring the best of "off-beat" sports programming that will give Canadians the opportunity to live vicariously through the ultimate high associated with such extreme pastimes as high altitude sky diving, cliff diving, white water rafting, and mountain climbing."

The channel launched on September 7, 2001 as X-Treme Sports.

In September 2008, amid the mid-2000s financial crisis and a mounting debt load, Canwest announced it would be shuttering X-Treme Sports, with an expected closing date of October 9, 2008. Through its official statement, Canwest cited low growth potential as the reason for its closing of the service, noting funds would be better directed to other channels with greater growth potential. The channel later closed on October 9 as expected.


1.1. History Programming

Programming on X-Treme Sports primarily focused on extreme sports series, including mens and womens competitions, lifestyle, and reality programs. Series primarily focused on the sports within the firm definition of extreme sports, such as motocross, mountain biking, surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding; however, other forms of extreme, adventure and thrill-seeking sports/activities included MMA, professional wrestling, and slamball.

The following list is a sampling of series aired during its last year of operation:

  • Ouch: That Had To Hurt
  • 360 Surfing
  • Fear Factor
  • IFL Fight Night
  • Ride Guide Bike
  • Crash Bang Wallop
  • X-Sport
  • IFL Battleground
  • Extreme Championship Wrestling
  • MMX Treme
  • Crash Stunt Idiots
  • World of Wakeboarding
  • Fusion TV
  • Calgary Oval X - Treme defeated Team Ontario represented by the Beatrice Aeros by a 3 - 2 mark to win the Esso Nationals. The Calgary Oval X - Treme Team Alberta
  • Calgary Oval X - Treme of the Western Women s Hockey League in 2006. She had 31 points 11 goals, 20 assists in 19 games as the Oval X - Treme went on to win
  • was the host of All X - Treme Global Television and Inner City Soul Firewatch Films in 2003. Her television credits include Mutant X Relic Hunter, Falcon
  • in overtime. February 14, 2009: Engstrom took part in the Calgary Oval X - Treme s game against the U.S. Selects in the final game of the EnCana sponsored
  • Teletoon Retro Teletoon Retro Tonis TVOne Canada UTV Movies Video Italia X - Treme Sports Gusto s intellectual property was sold to Bell Media in 2016. The original
  • auditioned for some small roles. Eventually, Gallant hosted shows including X - Treme Energy, The Planet s Funniest Animals, and American Inventor. In 2004 Gallant
  • as Top Defenceman. She won the WWHL championship with the Calgary Oval X - Treme in 2005. In March 2008, Larocque had one assist as UMD won their fourth
  • their provincial rival, the Calgary Oval X - Treme They joined the league in 2002 with the Calgary Oval X - Treme and the Vancouver Griffins to form the NWHL s
  • the latter being formed from two former NWHL teams the Calgary Oval X - Treme and Edmonton Chimos due to travel costs, with no interleague championships

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