ⓘ Gex, series. Gex is a platform video game trilogy, developed by Crystal Dynamics, that details the adventures of an anthropomorphic gecko named Gex. Gex has a p ..


ⓘ Gex (series)

Gex is a platform video game trilogy, developed by Crystal Dynamics, that details the adventures of an anthropomorphic gecko named Gex. Gex has a passion for television, which makes him a target for the cybernetic being Emperor Rez, who is determined to overthrow The Media Dimension, the "world" of television. He has served as the mascot of Crystal Dynamics, appearing on their company logo for several years until 2000. In the North American version, Gex is voiced by comedian Dana Gould throughout the entire series; the United Kingdom version features Gould, Leslie Phillips and Danny John-Jules as Gexs voice throughout the series.

The games are largely inspired by American TV culture. Gex contributes to the games with wise-cracking remarks laced with media and references to popular culture.

Gex appears as an unlockable character in the North American and European versions of Hot Shots Golf 2 and Mad Dash Racing.

The Gex series has sold a combined total of over 15 million copies for all platforms.


1. Characters

  • Gex is a smart aleck, wise-cracking gecko. Gex lives with his family in Maui, Hawaii. He spends his days with his friends, surfing, playing the ukulele and throwing poi parties down on the beach with the local lady lizards. After his fathers death, he begins watching mass amounts of TV to get over the tragedy. He eventually inherits over twenty billion dollars from his deceased great uncle, and buys the worlds largest television. He has his own island hideaway called the GEXCave located in the South Pacific. His catchphrase is "Its tail time!". Gex is voiced by Dana Gould in all three installments in North America. But the PAL European and Australian game formats versions feature three separate voice actors; Dana Gould in the original game, Leslie Phillips in the second game, and Danny John-Jules in the third game.
  • Rex is a small, red Tyrannosaurus rex and Gexs prehistoric ancestor. He is frozen in a block of ice that Gex melts to set him free.
  • Gexs Dad who works for NASA by doing various research projects. He and ten other volunteers are chosen to eat tapioca pudding in zero gravity, though their rocket explodes due to a Band-Aid floating into one of the fuel tanks, killing them. His mother later moves to California, and after gaining money inherited from Gexs great-uncle, Charlie, she purchases 51 percent ownership in NASA, fires everyone, sells the rockets to some third world countries, and converts Mission Control into "Space Monkeys", a theme restaurant featuring robotic dancing chimps wearing spacesuits. In the novel, Rez claims that he is Gexs real father and became the way he was after the explosion, whether this is true or not is unclear, although Rez makes the same claim in Gex 2 but with a different story saying he fell into a scrapheap while trying to get free cable.
  • Agent Xtra is Gexs crime-fighting partner, who also loves TV as well. She is kidnapped by Rez, and communicates to Gex through video signals in mission control. She is portrayed in live-action sequences by Marliece Andrada.
  • Cuz is Gexs overweight cousin and seems to be a leopard gecko. He is saved by Gex after being locked in a cage by the Gangsters.
  • Rez is a megalomaniac, cybernetic entity, and the main antagonist of the series. His one true ambition is to control the entire Media Dimension under his own control and ensure the longevity of bad TV shows and Z-Grade movies. His entire essence is made up of Liquid Rez, liquid noise spread throughout the series. He also claims to be Gexs father as a homage to Star Wars. Rez is voiced by Bruce Robertson.
  • Alfred is Gexs butler. He is a turtle who wears a bow tie and glasses. He provides Gex with constant help to defeat Rez. He is voiced by Marc Silk.

2. Future

A fourth entry was in development for the PS2 but was canceled, with only concept art existing of the project. On February 17, 2015, Square Enix announced that it will allow developers to create games based on some of their old Eidos intellectual properties via the Square Enix Collective project, including the Gex intellectual property.

  • employment at Crystal Dynamics, where he worked as a designer on Gex Enter the Gecko and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. Straley was employed at Naughty Dog in 1999
  • Weeyums Ted Ferguson as Meechie Franks Carl Solomon as Captain Solomon Gil Gex as Dame Edith Ezold Sky Elobar as Little Lord Piss The Pot Grant Goodman
  • Swabey Dearsly Dearsly and Bell De Gex Fisher and Jones De Gex Jones and Smith De Gex M Naghten and Gorden De Gex and Smale Denison Dickens Dodson Donnelly
  • dancing. John - Jules provided his voice for the character of Gex in the UK and European release of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. For several years in the late 1990s
  • in the series to include guest characters from other games. They are Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, Sir Daniel Fortesque from MediEvil, and Gex from the
  • Charlie Blast s Territory Elmo s Letter Adventure Elmo s Number Journey Gex 64: Enter the Gecko Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt Battle Stations Casper: Friends
  • buttons is ridiculous, an unwanted flashback to early 3D platformers like Gex and Spyro the Dragon. In a second opinion, Matt Miller rated it 6.75 10
  • Slime Enix Cloud Strife, Sora Taito Bub and Bob Crystal Dynamics Gex Sunsoft Aero the Acro - Bat Tengen Awesome Possum Titus Software Titus
  • Nov. 1997 by Loeb and Churchill Re: Gex preview flipbook Coven 4A, 4B, 4C Jan. 1998 by Loeb and Churchill Re: Gex preview flipbook Coven 5A DF
  • Count of Paris Amelie Delagrange 1982 2004 French murder victim Amelie Gex 1835 1883 Savoyard poet Amelie Goudjo born 1980 French handball player
  • Dynamics, Schofield headed development on two of the studio s franchises: Gex and Legacy of Kain. Moving to EA Redwood Studios as general manager of the

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