ⓘ Janes Fighters Anthology. Janes Combat Simulations Fighters Anthology is a compilation of combat flight simulators which includes U.S. Navy Fighters, U.S. Navy ..

Janes Fighters Anthology

ⓘ Janes Fighters Anthology

Janes Combat Simulations Fighters Anthology is a compilation of combat flight simulators which includes U.S. Navy Fighters, U.S. Navy Fighters - Marine Fighters, Advanced Tactical Fighters, Advanced Tactical Fighters - Nato Fighters, U.S. Navy Fighters 97, and Advanced Tactical Fighters Gold integrated into one game.

Fighters Anthology features 142 aircraft, ranging from fighters, bombers, transport, and civilian aircraft and helicopters, 125 of which are player controllable aircraft excluding helicopters, from the years 1956 to the 2010s. The game provides various modes of play which are Single Missions with 124 missions, Quick Mission Creator in which the player adjust parameters, Create Pro Mission, allows for creation of new missions and the editing of missions in the game, Replay Last Mission which is only active after a mission has been played and Campaign.

The Quick Mission Creator allows the creation of missions between friendly and enemy forces. The player assumes the role of friendly forces with a choice of 16 locations. Each force can have up to 3 wings with 5 aircraft in each wing and a choice of 4 experience levels per wing. The player can also chose whether the enemy forces can have targets a choice of one from a list of 6 to 10 different targets including none depending on location and whether they are defended by AAAs or SAMs and the level of defence. The player can choose from various other settings such as altitude; position; time of day; weather condition; combat with guns only or guns and missiles, and a weapons load out between standard or custom, the latter leading to an ordnance screen.

The ordnance screen also allows players to load out their aircraft with a choice of 24 air-to-air weapons and 50 air-to-ground weapons which include drop tanks, jammers and targeting pods.

Fighters Anthology features six campaigns: five hypothetical campaigns set in the Baltic region, Egypt, Kuril Islands, Ukraine and Vladivostok, and one historical campaign set in Vietnam which does not reward the player with campaign medals. Prior to starting a campaign, the player creates a pilot profile which allows them to choose a photograph of a pilot for an avatar, name and a choice of call signs with the option to enter a custom call sign. The profile stores information such as rank, status, number of failed missions and number of successful campaigns.

Fighters Anthology came with a second CD-ROM which is used when the Reference is accessed from the main menu. The Reference contains information from Janes Information Group about the aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and weapons featured in the game with a selection of photographs and videos.

As of 2017, there are still a handful of dedicated fans who still play and modify this game. These followers have modified existing aircraft, weapons, vehicles, textures, etc. as well as created/added new items, missions, and campaigns. Some have taken textures and sounds from other games and incorporated them into the game.

Though this game was developed to play on a Windows 9x system, with some tweaking, players have managed to get it to work on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, and other systems.