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ⓘ People by association

  • achieve these goals. The British Science Association envisions a society in which a diverse group of people can learn and apply the sciences in which
  • United States Jaycees, the U.S. Supreme Court held that associations may not exclude people for reasons unrelated to the group s expression. However
  • membership of the European Scout Region. The association claims to provide activities to 464, 700 young people aged 5 3 4 25 in the UK with over 116, 400
  • Residents associations are organisations formed by groups of people from a specific geographic community who come together to address issues within their
  • The People s Republic of China now has multiple and originally separate Scouting activities within its borders. The newly founded Scout Association of
  • The Blind People s Association BPA is an organisation in which promotes comprehensive rehabilitation of persons with all categories of disabilities through
  • People With AIDS PWA means person with HIV AIDS also sometimes phrased as, Person Living with AIDS. It is a term of self - empowerment, adopted by
  • A bar association is a professional association of lawyers. Some bar associations are responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in their
  • homeowner association or homeowners association abbreviated HOA, sometimes referred to as a property owners association or POA is a private association often
  • In criminology, differential association is a theory developed by Edwin Sutherland proposing that through interaction with others, individuals learn the

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