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Audi S4

The Audi S4 is the high performance variant of Audis compact executive car A4. The original Audi S4, built from 1991 until 1994, was a performance-oriented version of Audis 100 saloon/sedan. All subsequent S4s since 1997 have been based on the Audi A4; and as the A4 has evolved from one generation to the next, so has the S4. A more powerful internal combustion engine, larger upgraded brakes, firmer suspension, larger wheels, and distinctive sheetmetal, styling clues and badging have always been amongst the many upgrades the S4 receives over its mainstream 100 and A4 siblings. In markets wh ...


Skoda T-15

The T-15 was an experimental German-Czechoslovakian light tank developed by Skoda Works for the German armed forces from 1941 to 1943. The T-15 never entered mass production or combat, and only no more than five prototypes - including two in mild steel - were built. The T-15 weighed 11-13 tonnes, and was armed with a 37mm gun and MG34 machine gun. Interest in the development of the tank declined in 1942 as the Panzer II Ausf. L "Luchs" was more advanced, however Skoda continued the development project.


Matt Barr

Matthew Jerome Barr is an American actor. He currently stars as Danny McNamara in the action–adventure television series Blood & Treasure. He is also known for his roles as Johnse Hatfield in Hatfields & McCoys with Kevin Costner, Mike Fleming in Commander in Chief, Ian Banks in One Tree Hill, Christopher Sullivan in the mystery-horror limited series Harpers Island, and Dan Patch in The CWs series Hellcats.


Brendan Hokowhitu

After a 2001 PhD titled Te mana Māori: Te tātari i ngā kōrero parau at the University of Otago, Hokowhitu moved to the University of Alberta in Edmonton and then to the University of Waikato, rising to full professor. In 2019, Hokowhitu was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.


Bernadette Modell

Professor Bernadette Modell is a British geneticist, specialising in the study of thalassaemia. Modell attended a convent school, and then graduated in zoology, with genetics and embryology from the University of Oxford, in 1955. She then undertook a doctorate in developmental biology at Cambridge University, qualifying in 1959. She next studied medicine at Cambridge and at University College Hospital, qualifying in 1964. She spent the remainder of her career at University College London and at University College London Hospitals, mainly working on the treatment and prevention of thalassae ...


List of W cover models

W is a womens beauty magazine published by Conde Nast Publications. A famous person, usually an actress, singer, or model, is featured on the cover of each months issue. Following are the names of each cover subject from the most recent issue to the first issue of W under editorship of Patrick McCarthy in August 1993. Since September 2010, Stefano Tonchi became the editor-in-chief of W. Since 2013, the magazine will combine the January/December and June/July issues so as to free up money to invest in the magazines digital brand.


List of Playboy models

This is a list of all the models photographed for Playboy magazine. Not all of the women who have modeled in Playboy have done so in the nude. The list has been split up into several articles by decade of publication. Please see the following articles for names and date of appearance: List of people in Playboy 1980–1989 List of people in Playboy 1960–1969 List of people in Playboy 1970–1979 List of people in Playboy 1990–1999 List of people in Playboy 2010–2019 List of people in Playboy 1953–1959 List of people in Playboy 2000–2009



Audie or Audy is a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include: Audie Cole born 1989, American National Football League player Audie Pitre 1970–1997, American bass guitarist Audy Item, stage name of Indonesian singer Paula Allodya Item born 1983 Jean-Pierre Audy born 1952, French politician Audie Murphy 1925–1971, American soldier in World War II, recipient of the Medal of Honor, and movie star Audie Norris born 1960, American retired National Basketball Association player Audie Desbrow born 1957, American musician and drummer, with the American blues-based hard rock ban ...


Content-oriented workflow models

The goal of content-oriented workflow models is to articulate workflow progression by the presence of content units. Most content-oriented workflow approaches provide a life-cycle model for content units, such that workflow progression can be qualified by conditions on the state of the units. Most approaches are research and work in progress and the content models and life-cycle models are more or less formalized. The term content-oriented workflows is an umbrella term for several scientific workflow approaches, namely "data-driven", "resource-driven", "artifact-centric", "object-aware", a ...


List of Costa Rican models

Natalia Carvajal Johanna Solano Johanna Fernandez Fabiana Granados Bali Rodriguez Anastasia Acosta Karina Ramos Leonora Jimenez Brenda Castro Wendy Cordero Leila Rodriguez Stahl Maribel Guardia Mariluz Bermudez Carolina Coto Segnini


Louisa Models

Louisa Models is Germanys biggest model agency. It was established by Louisa von Minckwitz in Munich in 1981. A subsidiary was established in Hamburg in 1990. Only 11 years later since establishing, in 1992, the company was known as the leading model agency of Germany and has been in this top position ever since. Louisa Models represent over 380 women and 250 men including Catherine Flemming, Erol Sander, Christiane Paul, Valerie Niehaus, Andrea Kempter, Monica Bellucci, Elle Macpherson, Izabel Goulart, Milla von Krockow, Daniela Pestova, Eva Padberg, Erol Sander und Valerie Niehaus. Julia ...

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